Wedding Rings For Men: Some Tips To Bear In Mind

In all the flurry of excitement of buying wedding rings, sometimes the focus can be on bridal jewellery rather than wedding rings for men. But, while they don’t always get as much attention, that doesn’t mean that gents wedding bands should be an afterthought.

Style Advice

GWR011 matte finish gents ringTo begin, decide whether you want a style which is more glitzy or whether you would prefer to opt for a plain style of ring. Learn about the different types of traditional metals used in wedding rings for men – platinum, palladium, white gold and yellow gold are some of the most common.

You will also need to think about how wide you want the ring to be since this will also have a significant impact on the piece’s appearance. (Bear in mind the average width is between 4mm and 6mm.)

Another choice is between flat or rounded edges, with the latter appearing more traditional and the former more modern in style. You may also want to add some bevelling as well.

Then think about the finish of your ring – choose from a high gloss or matte, frost, or satin finishes, each one making a unique statement. See examples of each before deciding.

Other options include milgrain, or the addition of small rows of beads to the ring’s edges. Equally, do you want names, initials or anything else engraved on your band? A growing style of ring is the celtic gents wedding ring. This allows men include a bit of Celtic and design to their ring without the need or use of stones.

Finally, adding gemstones or diamonds to a man’s wedding ring is becoming increasingly popular among modern grooms who wish to showcase their individuality.


Showing your metal

Rose gold and palladium wedding ring GWR3026Classic yellow gold will never go out of style, but if you prefer a more muted tone, think about platinum, white gold or palladium wedding rings. The latter in particular provides excellent value and your ring will strongly resist corrosion.


Another idea could be ever-romantic rose gold. The two tone gents wedding rings are increasing in popularity as the contrast of the two metals can be a nice feature. And, by the way, it’s very much up to you whether you decide to have a ring that matches your partner’s.

The perfect fit

Measure up for a ring when your hands are in a mild temperature – in cold weather, fingers become thinner, while in heat they can get swollen. Especially if you’re getting a wider band, consider a ring that’s very slightly too big, in case of swelling on the big day.

Talk to your jeweller to get a comfortable fit and the right size of ring. Bear in mind that the wider your wedding band, the more you will feel it on your finger.

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