Tips When Redesigning Inherited Jewellery

Have you recently been gifted a piece of family jewellery, and are wondering what to do with it?

You’re not alone. Redesigning and remounting inherited jewellery (especially engagement and wedding pieces) is set to be one of the biggest jewellery trends this year. There are thousands of young couples looking for a more ethical, sentimental and environmentally friendly jewellery choice to mark their big day.

While the idea of inherited jewellery is a romantic one, the reality can be a little different.

In this article, we cover the 4 essentials thing to consider when you redesign or choose to remount inherited engagement jewellery.

1. Make subtle tweaks to the original design

Amending inherited jewellery in IrelandIt can be tempting to completely redesign the jewellery to meet your exact tastes. However, you’ll get a far better result if you choose a more subtle change to update the piece. After all, an heirloom ring is a highly sentimental item, and you want to ensure that memory is preserved for years to come.

To get the best result, we recommend opting for similar metals and choosing a jeweller that can sympathetically restore existing gemstones so that they look like new.

2. Opt for a timeless style

No matter how old or worn the heirloom jewellery may be, there are always options when it comes to redesign.

As a result, even with the most experienced jeweller, there are only so many times a piece can be completely reworked without damaging the metal and the stone.

If the item you’ve inherited is particularly sentimental, we recommend choosing a timeless style to avoid the need to rework it again later down the line.

3. Melt down worn items to create a completely new piece

In some instances, you’ll find very old jewellery too worn to redesign in its current state. This is often the case for rings inherited from great grandmothers. Or when jewellery is over 60 or 70 years old. The metals used in those days were often a lot softer. As a result, they will be more worn than their modern-day counterparts.

Just because the item is damaged doesn’t mean you can’t redesign it for everyday wear. Many couples choose to melt down worn items and craft a completely new design using the metal.

4. Have gemstones reset


tear drop emerald and diamond gemstone pendant necklace pn009

If you’re lucky enough to have inherited a sentimental piece of jewellery that you already love, you won’t need to worry about redesigning it.

However, just like a car, engagement rings should be ‘serviced’ regularly to ensure gemstones are secure. Over time, settings can become loose, running the risk of losing a diamond or precious stone altogether.

Maintaining jewellery is both easy and cheap. Simply pop into your local reputable jeweller and ask that they service the item for you. They’ll likely take the ring for a few hours or days while they carry out the work. They will return the item to you good as new.

Ready to redesign your heirloom piece?

At Commins & Co, we have decades of experience in redesigning just about every style of inherited jewellery. This ranges from engagement rings to necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Our highly skilled jewellers take the time to understand your needs. As a result, we will work with you to ensure you’re 100% happy with your newly designed piece.

We specialize in creating beautiful bespoke designs sympathetic to the original item. Therefore, we will always take the utmost care to produce stunning jewellery every time.

If you’re interested to learn more about our services, or would like to meet our friendly and knowledgeable team in person, simply pop into our Dublin-based jewellers. We look forward to meeting you!