Tips When Buying an Engagement Ring

When you are purchasing an engagement ring there are a few key factors to take into account. The budget that you have set in place for you and your partner, choosing a style that suits and compliments your personal style and the quality of centre diamond you are purchasing. The first and last factors tend to coincide with one another. We live in a world that is now dictated by the digital era. Everyday new information is uploaded onto the internet which has helped in the process of teaching an individual the basic understanding of diamonds or in other words fuelling your knowledge of the four C’s.

Simply put the four C’s consist of the carat weight of the diamond followed by the Cut, Colour and Clarity of the diamond and in general taking the four C’s into account will determine what size diamond will fit within your budget. It is a common misconception that the carat weight of a diamond refers to its size. Although each carat weight has an average spread if you are smart and play your cards right you can obtain a larger surface spread for the diamond you purchase. The cut of your diamond is an important factor to take into consideration when purchasing a diamond as it has an overall effect on the quality of the stone. A diamonds cut grade ranges from excellent – poor and I would recommend staying on the higher end of the spectrum.

In terms of the colour and clarity of your diamond it is important to factor in what you are willing to compromise on. In general keeping a diamonds colour grade between D – G and its Clarity SI and above will mean you will get a nice, bright diamond which will be eye clean. When sticking to a budget my recommendation would always be to go for quality over quantity. A more modest diamond that glimmers with sparkle is always more attractive than a larger diamond with less quality.

Once some online research has been done and a budget has been set in place it is now time to decide what the next step will be. In the modern era it has become more common for a guy to go engagement ring shopping with his partner before actually proposing. Some guys will buy a token ring and pop the question; others will go browsing with their partner to get a general idea of what they like and a few will bravely go it alone. What is the best method to follow?

If I am honest it comes down to the individual. In my experience when a guy decides to do everything by himself and buy the ring to surprise his partner the effort shown and the personal touch put in tends to overwhelm his future fiancé leading her to love the ring he purchased for her. And in general if she says yes but doesn’t like the ring most reputable jewellers will let you return the ring and exchange it for something that suits your style and taste. On the other hand if the guy proposes with a token ring it can make for a memorable and intimate experience when you and your now fiancé come into the store.

My advice to any couple coming in to view and try on engagement rings is to remember what the ring represents and symbolises. It symbolises your love and commitment for one another and whether it be an elegant solitaire or vintage halo, there is a ring for everyone so just take your time, enjoy the experience and inevitably you will find your perfect ring.