The Perfect Christmas Jewellery Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming, so it’s the perfect time to surprise and delight someone special with a beautiful piece of jewellery from Commins & Co jewellers in Dublin.

Jewellery is a popular Christmas gift, and we have a huge range of gorgeous pieces to browse, including bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces, so you’re sure to find the ideal Christmas gift in our collection. Whether you want something traditional or a more contemporary piece, we can help you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Diamond tennis bracelets

Although the name might suggest otherwise, a tennis bracelet is not designed to be worn while you’re on court playing a set of tennis!

What is a tennis bracelet?

This particular piece of jewellery is named after the famous female tennis player, Chris Evert. In 1987, during a tennis match, Evert lost her designer diamond bracelet when it snapped. The game was paused while a search ensued for the missing bracelet, watched by spectators and a huge television audience. 

Ever since that day, this style of bracelet has been known as a tennis bracelet. A tennis bracelet is an endless row or rows of diamonds, giving the impression of eternal, endless beauty. And who wouldn’t want to receive a gift like that this Christmas?

Now, you don’t want your loved one to have a Chris Evert moment. So be sure to choose a tennis bracelet that fits properly. If the bracelet is too loose, it could snag on something. However, if the fit is too tight, the bracelet could pinch the wearer, or it may stretch. Ideally, you should be able to fit just one finger underneath the bracelet.

All our diamond tennis bracelets have a safety clasp that will keep the bracelet firm and secure on the wearer’s wrist, just in case the original clasp fails or breaks.

Our selection of diamond tennis bracelets

If you’re looking for a diamond tennis bracelet, Commins & Co has a great selection. Our diamond tennis bracelets are available in different precious metals and carat weights to suit your preferred style and budget. We also have some stunning bezel style tennis bracelets that are both subtle and fashion-forward.

Choose a single row of diamonds for a classy, timeless look, or opt for multiple rows of stones for a magnificent, glittering bracelet that’s perfect for a special occasion or party.

Why not allow us to create a custom tennis bracelet for you? We can source and incorporate many different types of gemstones, including diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and more, to reflect your loved one’s birthstone or favourite colour.

Diamond and gemstone earrings

At Commins & Co, we offer a huge range of diamond and gemstone earrings. We can source diamond stud earrings of all carat weights and qualities to fit your style and budget best.

ER065-real-image-of-diamond-and-sapphire-stud-earrings-commins-and-co-jewellers-dublin-irelandOur contemporary, round stud earrings set with brilliant diamonds are ageless in style and make the perfect subtle complement to any outfit. Our stud earrings come in a range of different forms, including oval cut, round cut, and we also stock some more unusual contemporary designs.

Why not choose a pair of our gemstone and diamond halo stud earrings that incorporate sapphires, rubies, aquamarines, garnets, morganites, or emeralds to perfectly complement a pretty tennis bracelet?

This autumn and winter, drop earrings are set to be all the rage, especially when set with sparkling diamonds and glowing gemstones in a rainbow of colours.

This season, all things sea and ocean-related are bang on-trend. So, you can’t go wrong with pearls.

Pearls are said to symbolise wisdom acquired through experience and are believed to attract luck and wealth, as well as offering protection to the wearer. These beautiful, natural gems also represent generosity, integrity, purity, and loyalty; now, that’s a wonderful gift to present to someone special!

Our pearl earrings have an understated, classic look that will never go out of fashion, and they look particularly chic when teamed with a matching pearl pendant and pearl tennis-style bracelet. We have a selection of all these pieces of pearl jewellery in styles and designs to suit any taste and budget.

Diamond pendant necklaces

Our range of diamond pendant necklaces comes in white, yellow, or rose gold. Set with gorgeous gemstones. These include rubies, emeralds, aquamarines, garnets, sapphires, topaz, and unusual pink sapphires too.

A gemstone and diamond pendant necklace and a matching set of earrings make a wonderful Christmas gift. That’s the perfect way to show someone how much you love them.

Minimalist gold jewellery

If your loved one prefers a more understated look, we have some gorgeous, minimalist-style 9-carat gold jewellery that is right on trend right now. Team stud earrings with necklaces and pendants in modern, unusual designs for a look that’s eye-catching yet subtle.

Old-school, plain gold hoop earrings have hit the catwalk this season, together with C-curve half-hoops. We have a gorgeous range of C-curve hoop earrings that are set with gemstones and diamonds for a fashionable look. This coordinates perfectly with any Christmas party outfit.

This season is all about the abstract, featuring shapes and sculptured designs. Chains and chain-link designs are especially trendy for both earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. We have many stunning, modern designs that are right on-trend. So if you buy a piece from us, you can be sure that the recipient will always be in fashion.

Something for everyone at Commins & Co

At Commins & Co, we have everything that you see on our website available in-store too. And with prices ranging from €60 through to €2,500 and upward, there’s something to suit every budget. See our range for gift ideas under €500

Also, we’re currently having a sale on all items of jewellery with up to 40% off. So now is the perfect time to buy that Christmas gift.

Whether you’re looking for that perfect jewellery gift for a loved one, family member, special friend, or significant other, you’ll find something perfect in our wide range. We can also create custom pieces for you to make your gift truly unique.

To find out more about our range of jewellery, contact us today to speak to one of our helpful consultants.