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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

Round Brilliant

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds – Overview A round brilliant cut diamond is a diamond cut with a round shape and 58 facets, designed to maximize the diamond’s sparkle and brilliance. These diamonds are characterized by their exceptional fire and scintillation, making them a popular choice for engagement rings and other […]

Oval cut diamond


Oval Cut Diamonds – Overview An oval cut diamond is a stunning variation of the traditional round brilliant cut, featuring a elongated shape that exudes elegance and sophistication. This shape elongates the finger, making it a popular choice for those who desire a unique look. The oval cut diamond has […]

md031 round brilliant cut 18k yellow gold diamond trilogy engagement ring feature image

Future Engagement Ring Trends for 2020

Buying Engagement Rings Dublin in 2020 As with all things, engagement ring trends come and go so we are taking a future outlook on what trends will be popular in the coming year. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are very few engagement ring trends that […]