September Birthstone: Sapphire

This blog follows on from our previous blog about the origins and meanings of birthstones. Now that September is upon us we have decided to do a quick post about this month’s beloved stone. The Sapphire. Sapphires are one of the most popular gem stones, after diamonds and we can see why. Sapphires are beautiful to look at. They have very desirable properties and look good in a whole host of different styles of settings. So, let’s take a closer look at this beautiful blue stone.

What is a Sapphire Gemstone?

A sapphire gemstone is most commonly associated with a vibrant blue colour but sapphires can come in a wide range of colours – from white, yellow, orange, brown, pink, all the way to black! Sapphire is exceptionally durable, with only diamonds being a harder natural occurring gemstone. However, this still means that sapphires should be handled with care to avoid any chipping. It is interesting to note that in the gem trade, the word ‘sapphire’ applies only to blue sapphires and a prefix of the colour desired such as ‘pink sapphire’ or else a prefix of ‘fancy’ needs to be added to clarify.

What to Look Out for When Buying Sapphires

Like most gemstones, the most important thing when buying sapphires is to look out for colour. The more vivid blue sapphires are more expensive – the more colour = more expensive. Also, like all other stones, ideally you want the stone to be inclusion free or at least have inclusions that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Large carat weights of sapphire are very rare so they can be expensive.

Sapphire Rings

Here are some of our favourite sapphire rings that we have available in store for you to view:


GR085 feature image of certified sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring Dublin Ireland jewellersSet in 18k yellow gold this oval cut sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring has a total carat weight of 3.74 carats. The Bespoke setting was locally hand made by our designer with his inspiration being based on various Art Deco designs. The plain set band lead upward towards an oval cut sapphire which exudes a beautiful tone of blue. The centre sapphire has a carat weight of 2.90 carats.



GR005 feature image of sapphire and diamond trilogy engagement ring Dublin Ireland jewellersThis is the perfect style of engagement ring for someone who loves the classic style of engagement ring but want to differentiate theirs by adding a little pop of colour. This beautiful sapphire and diamond ring is set on a classic 18k yellow gold band. The centre stone is a magnificent, vibrant 2.10t sapphire. On each side of this centre stone are two 0.50ct diamonds. The centre stone is held in by six-claws which makes the ring even more unusual.



GR023 feature image of french plated sapphire and diamond target ring Dublin Ireland jewellersBeautiful inky blue sapphire and diamond ring set in an antique style setting in 18k white gold with a carat weight of 1.45 carats.

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