Salt and Pepper Diamonds Vs. Grey Diamonds

What are grey diamonds and ‘salt and pepper’ diamonds?

First, let’s compare like for like. Grey diamonds are not often seen compared to other coloured stones, largely because of their rarity. The highest quality grey diamonds are extremely pure. They look pretty much like a colourless diamond but with a slight metallic tint. Colours can vary, from very dark grey right through to a just the smallest hint of colour. While they may not have been such a popular choice in the past, grey diamonds are really on the up because they are so unusual and beautiful.

‘Salt and pepper’ diamonds are also proving very popular among those looking for something a little different. These unique stones stand out because of their ‘inclusions’. These are the natural blemishes occurring within the diamonds and are usually white spots and black carbon spots, hence the name salt and pepper. These flaws meant they weren’t so highly valued in the past. That’s changing, with more people now falling in love with their individuality and quirkiness.

Are they valuable?

SD070 round cut grey diamond vintage inspired engagement ring dublin ireland featureGrey diamonds can command a higher price tag, because of their purity compared to salt and pepper stones. While they may not be as expensive as colourless stones, fancy grey diamond engagement rings can cost more than some coloured gems.

Salt and pepper diamonds are usually lower priced. That is because they are considered flawed. Compared to purer diamonds, they are a much more cost-effective alternative if you’re looking for engagement rings or other jewellery.

Are they on trend?

We would have to say that both are currently bang on trend! Most grey or salt and pepper diamonds are set in a vintage style, and all things vintage are having something of a heyday. Grey diamonds were once undervalued because of their colour; people were more interested in colourless diamonds or pastel coloured diamonds. But today grey diamonds have seen a surge in popularity. They are rarer than brown or yellow stones. The bluish, metallic hue makes them exceptionally pretty gems. For something a little different, they make a wonderful choice.

Even more unique and unusual, salt and pepper diamonds are also proving wildly popular. Engagement rings set with salt and pepper diamonds are ideal for the bride to be who wants to stand out from the crowd. These are also commonly set in a vintage style. The great thing about salt and pepper diamonds is the variety. No two stones will ever be the same, so you get something which is completely unique to you. The pebble-dashed effect is very pleasing on the eye, which explains their growth in popularity. Their beauty, coupled with their lower price, means salt and pepper diamonds are perfect if you want something unusual.

Commins & Co Jewellers stock a range of engagement rings set with these precious stones. Both grey diamonds and salt and pepper diamonds are often the perfect choice. If you want something a little quirkier and more original, then these are the stones for you.