Perfect Summer Engagement Ring Styles

Summer Engagement Ring Styles

Summer is well and truly here, the sun is shining and so are our rings! Our store has been busy with people buying their engagement rings, making for the perfect summer proposal! There are so many great styles to get your partner to incorporate the summer theme into the proposal and make it as memorable as possible!

Fancy Colour Diamonds

HD034 Yellow Diamond Oval Halo Engagement Ring featureFor something very different, to brighten up your ring completely, why not try a fancy coloured diamond ~ diamonds can come in a whole range of colour such as blue, pink and red but we especially love the vibrancy of this fancy yellow diamond.  A little ray of sunshine on your finger to brighten up even the rainiest of days!

HD007 diamond halo engagement ring dublin featureFloral Halo

When you think of summer, you imagine blue skies, good weather and flowers in full bloom, so why not keep a little of that vision with you! A floral style halo is a fun twist on a very popular style and looks beautiful.

Gemstone Rings

GR064-feature-image-of-aquamarine-and-diamond-halo-engagement-ring-dublin-ireland-jewellers-commins-and-coGemstones are a great way to get yourself a bright, stand-out ring at usually a lower price than diamonds. There are so many gorgeous gemstones to choose from – from sapphires to rubies to opals and so many in between. In keeping with the summer theme, we love this stunning aquamarine stone with its deep blue colour, reminiscent of the colour of the sea on a clear sunny day! See here for this aquamarine ring.

round cut diamond side stone engagement ring sd008 feature imageYellow Gold

If these options are not to your taste, a good way to brighten up your engagement ring is by opting for a yellow gold ring. Yellow gold was the classic engagement ring metal choice but nowadays white gold is our most popular. However, this doesn’t mean the metal is any less beautiful. See here for this lovely yellow gold ring.


So, if you’re planning a summer proposal, why not try and get a ring to incorporate a little of the summer theme with it?