October Birthstone: Opal Gemstone

Continuing on with from our previous birthstone blog and with October upon us, we have decided to do a quick blog post about this month’s stone ~ the Opal stone. This stone is very unusual in it’s colour. It is not as commonly seen as other gemstones such as sapphires or emeralds. It has many great qualities that make it a very desirable stone, especially for those who are born in October!

What is an Opal Stone?

The name opal is believed to have been derived from Sanskrit from the word meaning ‘precious stone’. Later from the very apt Greek word for ‘to see a change in colour’.  Opal was once believed to associated with evil but this belief has long been abandoned. It is now seen to be a symbol of purity and hope. Even better, it is now seen to be a protective stone that will ward away harm. As a result, making it an even more desirable stone! At a physical level, there has been wide discussion regarding how opal stones form. Many reaching the conclusion that its formation is related to rain and how it evaporates and reforms in rock crevasses.

Tips when Buying Opal Stones

In general when buying gemstones, the more bright the flashes of colour, the more expensive the stone will be, and this is no different when it comes to buying opals. When looking at opals, the more intense and vibrant the colours, the higher the price. There are many different types of opals such as black, milky, crystal and boulder opals and there are ways to distinguish between them for instance, the background (or tone) of all the bright colours will be very dark. The darker the tone, the more expensive. Also interestingly with opals, the weight of the stone isn’t a major price-determining factor as the real value is in the tone and vibrancy of colour & pattern.

Opal Rings at Commins & Co

We can source many different colours and sizes of opal stones. We also have some set styles in store to view


GR056-feature-image-of-opal-and-diamond-vintage-style-ring-dublin-ireland-jewellersAn opal stone is the birthstone of October, is said to symbolise purity and hope and is truly a stunning stone. The many colours of the stone draw the eye to it. This is especially ttrue when it is set on such an intricate and unique band. The yellow gold band features an unusual curved design.  The centre opal is surrounded by a diamond halo, which complements the stone beautifully.




GR031 Opal And diamond floral style engagement ring Dublin Ireland jewellersOpal and diamond engagement ring set in 18k yellow gold with a 0.75ct opal in the centre surrounded by a row of 12 round brilliant cut diamonds in a besel setting, in a pretty antique styleflower setting. The total carat weight is 1.40 carats



As you can see, these are truly beautiful stones and can be worn many different ways. To see more just pop into us in store in the Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin.