November Birthstones: Topaz And Citrine

With the cold November well and truly upon us, we’re taking a look at the two beautiful gemstones. These are the birthstones of these months ~ topaz and citrine.


Topaz can come in an array of colours – yellow, green, red, pink and so on.  The most commonly occurring form of topaz is colourless, however this is rarely seen in jewellery. The most valuable colour of topaz is the red or orange forms but blue is also popular. In terms of clarity, you will usually see no inclusions and the stone will be eye clean. Topaz can come in all shapes and sizes but it is typically cut in the more unusual shapes, like emerald or pear. Also, topaz stones are usually quite large in terms of carat weight.

In terms of meaning, the topaz is associated with luxury. If you wear a topaz it is said to bring friendship, love and fidelity to your life… that all sounds good to us!

Here is one of our beautiful topaz rings that we have available in store to view:

Topaz and diamond ringGR057 

This is a magnificent topaz stone, set prettily atop a vintage style setting of yellow gold. The topaz stone is associated with luxury and opulence and this ring exudes that level of elegance and style. This large stone is flanked by diamonds on each side, totally 0.1ct, a subtle addition to add a little sparkle to the ring.



Citrine is quite a rare gem and often used to be confused with topaz. However, it has now become a very desirable stone due to its very appealing properties – high durability, affordability and colour – it is now a sought after stone.  In terms of colour, the more vivid yellows and earthy tones are usually more popular in a citrine stone. Generally, inclusions will not be visible in a citrine stone, as it will decrease the already relatively low cost of the gem. Citrines can be cut in an array of shapes and can be found in all carat weights. Possessing a citrine stone is said to encourage fresh beginnings and fullness of life.



So for all of you lucky to be born in this month, you have not one, but two beautiful birthstones!

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