Morganite Engagement Rings – Top of the 2017 Trends

Morganite engagement rings are becoming increasingly more popular. When it comes to engagement rings we love to see the new trends and the popular choices people go for. For a long time the Halo engagement ring has been the most popular choice. While we still think Halos make for beautiful engagement rings, the new morganite trend is taking over. The beautiful pink and peachy tones of this particular stone evoke romance in most engagement ring shoppers minds. This makes morganite a beautiful choice for an engagement ring.


gr007-feature-image-of-oavl-cut-morganite-and-diamond-scallop-set-halo-engagement-ring-dublin-ireland-commins-and-com-jewellersDurability: Morganites are part of the beryl family just like emerald and aquamarine. The Mohs scale is used to chart the hardness of gemstones. 10 being the hardest and the rating of a diamond. However, morganites have a rating of 7.5-8.  It’s a perfect and  durable choice for an engagement ring. See our post on looking after your engagement ring for general tips for all styles of rings.

Cost: Gemstone rings are more popular than ever right now and morganites seems to be the top choice. Its softer tones give it a more subtle look in comparison to Sapphires and Emeralds. Though they are subtle they definitely stand out and your friends will constantly ask you about it. Morganites are considerably less expensive then diamonds, though you still will want to make an investment and get a good quality stone.


GR022 feature image of morganite and diamond halo engagement ring Dublin Ireland jewellersDesign: The most popular choice in settings when it comes to Morganites is rose gold. Rose gold enhances the blush tones of all shades of morganites. This does not mean you can’t opt yellow or white gold though as they will literally go with anything. As the colour and tones of morganite are not too bold there’s not fear in them clashing with what you’re wearing.

Conculsion: Morganite makes for a beautiful choice when it comes to engagement rings, and because it’s so durable it will definitely last a lifetime. It’s considerably less expensive than diamond but just as special, and you can go big without skimping on the quality. If you love the look of the morganite go for it.