Looking After Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a big investment for anyone to make and no one wants their ring to get damaged or lose its shine, which is why it is so important to know how to take care of your ring before purchase so that this upkeep just becomes second nature to you.

Cleaning Your Ring

round cut halo diamond engagement ring hd008 image 1Although white gold rings require rhodium plating and platinum needs a polish, there are ways to clean your rings at home (but these do not replace the professional maintenance needed). This is simple- first you soak the ring in warm water & mild washing up liquid and then clean around the diamond using a soft bristle toothbrush. Finally, rinse the ring under warm running water- be careful to ensure the stopper is in the sink to avoid a disaster!

When to Remove Your Ring

There are many times when it is beneficial for the engagement ring to be removed to avoid damaging it. For example, when cleaning the house and using harsh chemicals, the chemicals can wear away the metal. Also when you go swimming there is a high risk that the ring will fall off due to the changing temperature causing you hand to perhaps decrease/increase in size resulting in the loss of the ring. The chlorine can also be damaging to the ring’s finish. Another instance is when you are at the gym as the equipment can alter the shape of the ring, thus damaging it. Some people remove the ring when they sleep as the ring can get caught in the sheets but the gravity of the  repercussions of this are less severe. It is also recommended to remove the ring when applying make-up as moisturiser, primer and foundation can all get caught under the diamond, within the setting, dulling the shine.

Professional Maintenance

White Gold~ rhodium plating every year or so

Platinum~ professional polish to restore the shine

All Rings~ it is recommended that you bring your ring for an annual check with the goldsmith just to ensure that the claws are good and tight so your diamond is secure and to get the necessary cleaning treatment.

Engagement Ring Insurance

The simplest way to insure your ring is by talking to your bank and adding the ring to your home and contents insurance but you can also insure it independently with an independent jewellery insurance company. As diamond and metal prices change you should have these costs appraised every 5 years to ensure you are fully covered. We provide you with an independent valuation which can be given to the insurance company.