How the leap year affects the jewellery industry

Those unfamiliar with the jewellery industry may not realise just how important leaps years can be. They offer a unique chance to break and subvert the traditional rules of wedding engagements. During these times of year women, as well as men, will be seeking out an ideal engagement ring for their partner.

Why is the leap year important?

For centuries whenever a couple wished to get married, it was the role of the man to propose to the woman. To some people, this may seem like an outdated or even sexist custom. It will also be irrelevant to many same-sex couples. Despite this, the tradition is still respected today by lovers throughout the world. There is, however, an important loophole. During a leap year, women are permitted (according to tradition) to propose to their male partner. As a consequence of this, in the prelude to a leap year jewellers will regularly see a surge in sales of male engagement rings.

History of the leap year

The origins of this tradition can be traced back to the Irish holiday Bachelor’s Day. According to legend, Saint Bridget and Saint Patrick made a deal. On leap days, women were permitted to initiate dances with men and even propose to them. If the man refused, then it was customary to compensate the women by buying her a silk gown. During the 1950s, fur coats or new gloves became the more popular options for this commiserative gift. Typically, women are only given until the end of the day to propose. However, in a small number of areas, this timescale is extended to include the entire leap year.

There are unverified theories that the tradition might instead be inspired by a Scottish law enacted by Queen Margaret in 1288. It supposedly gave women the legal power to ask for marriage on a leap day. In order to signal their intentions, they wore red petticoats. However, there are issues with the veracity of this theory. There are no reliable documents to support it.

Options for men’s engagement rings


Since they tend to not have jewels in them, it is easy to mistakenly believe that most engagement rings for men are similar to one another. This could not be further from the truth. Every man is unique and therefore deserves a ring that best represents their style and personality. Commins & Co has an extensive catalogue to choose from.

There is a good reason why classic style rings are so popular. They are GWR3010-mens-diamond-civil-partnership-engagement-wedding-ring-feature-image-dublin-ireland-commins-and-cotimeless and simple. The majority of men tend to go for these types of designs. On the other hand, if the man is known for liking a bit more flair then he will likely prefer a diamond set gent’s ring. In the past, these designs were more commonly associated with the rings of women. That has all changed, and so now men too can add some sparkle to their wedding band without fear of societal judgement.

When women are picking out the best ring for their man, they may want to get something slightly more unique and unusual. One great option is a bi-colour ring. These rings incorporate two different metals that contrast with each other. They are becoming increasingly popular with couples that like to keep up with the latest trends. Another alternative is to instead have a ring made of just one metal, but with an intriguing pattern. This could include matte and milgrain finishes, as well as a hammered effect.

Ring options for same-sex couples

If the same-sex couple are both males then they can refer to the previously discussed ring options for men. If they diamond-solitaire-engagement-rings-dublin-ireland-jewellers-commins-and-coare both women, there is also a wide range of Commins & Co engagement rings to choose from. With such an abundance of rings, there is bound to be something for everyone.

When people imagine a traditional woman’s engagement ring they are usually thinking of the solitaire engagement ring. These contain a single diamond at its centre. They truly are beautiful pieces of jewellery and have broad appeal. However, there are many other engagement ring types to consider during a leap year.

When proposing to a loved one on during this time, a woman may want to impress with something even more sparkly. Three-stone engagement rings have a trilogy of diamonds set into the band. They are sure to dazzle the person being proposed to.

Others may prefer styles that are less modern. New rings are not the only options available. They could instead decide on a vintage one. The great thing about these is that they are often very unique and can have unusual elements to them. An antique ring not only makes the wearer stand out, but it is also sure to have a rich history behind it.

Wedding day jewellery

Whilst picking out a suitable engagement ring, the future bride may also want to start buying the jewellery she will wear on her wedding day. It is never too early to think about the vibrant accessories to compliment the wedding dress.

A dazzling necklace can often be the centrepiece of a wedding outfit. Diamond chains, pearl necklaces and gemstone pendants are available. The great thing about a bride’s dress is that the white will go with practically any pendant design and there is a diverse range to choose from. It is also worth adding a bracelet to complete the look. Classic diamond or pearl ones are ideal for weddings. These can be matched with a set of gorgeous earrings to make the bride feel like a princess.

Choose Commins & Co

Women all over the world are sure to get excited during this leap year. They will get a chance to turn the tables on tradition and take control of their own proposal. The success of this event can often depend on the quality of the engagement ring. This is why women across the globe will be flocking to high-quality jewellers. They will need to choose a ring that is a perfect stylistic fit for their unique partner. While shopping, they may also want to pick out necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for the bride (or brides) to wear.