How eternity rings became a symbol of infinite love

An eternity ring is a wonderful present. For thousands of years, the ring has been a symbol given from one partner to another to show infinite love. It’s a piece of jewellery which is a further sign of devotion after your wedding. They are also and a great choice for any special anniversary.

The history of eternity rings

The origins of the ring can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians around 4,000 years ago. As it is today, they were seen as a token of love. However, the design has changed somewhat from those times.

Instead of the incredibly beautiful diamond and gemstone rings we have today, they instead took on the design of the Ouroboros. This is an ancient symbol of a snake eating its own tail in a perfect circle.

While this might seem a bit odd now, they were seen as a symbol of the cycle of life and death with love that’s infinite and never-ending. In modern times, the snake may have gone but the meaning has stayed very similar.

Eternity rings today

The eternity rings that you see today are made out of the most beautiful diamonds and gemstones with precious metals such as gold and silver. Eternity rings Dublin IrelandThey are usually a beautiful complement to engagement rings and wedding rings. An example of this can be seen below.

The reason for that is they are now seen as the perfect anniversary gift. This is common for the first anniversary but also other significant anniversaries such as the 10th or 25th. They can be given at any time but these are the most significant dates.

The reason they are given is to further solidify the commitment to eternal love. They are a lovely gesture and are usually worn on the same finger as both the wedding and engagement rings. The three together can make a beautiful sight and show a true sign of love.

A perfect gift

Sapphire and gemstone rings from Dublin JewellersThere was resurgence in the idea of giving eternity rings in the 1960s with a famous marketing campaign by the diamond merchant De Beers. They were seen as a present for later on in marriage but in recent years have been used much earlier and for different reasons. They are no longer just diamond set and commonly incorporate other gemstones such as as sapphires or rubies.

The eternity ring are perfect for civil partnerships, long-term relationships and for those who don’t like the idea of  marriage. They make a wonderful gift and the symbol of eternal love. And telling your partner that you’re still as much in love with them as you ever have been.