Gemstone Rings Inspiration

Gemstone rings are definitely on the rise and we just can’t get enough of them! However, buying high quality gemstones at a good price can be a difficult endeavour. Because of this, we have decided to dedicate this week’s blog to assist in the buying experience!

Cheap Gemstone Rings

gr003 18k yellow gold sapphire and diamond gemstone ring image 1Unlike diamonds, there is no clear scale for quantifying a gemstones. There is no colour grade for each type of stone. Also, no clarity scale and no cut grade. However, the only similarity to diamonds is that they are measured in carat weight. When it comes to making your money go furthest, we can help. When buying  a gemstone ring you shouldn’t look for the cheapest. Rather the value as they’re the stones that will stand the test of time. If you wanted a very large stone on a limited budget, the cheaper gemstones are the semi-precious stones. These are citrine, onyx or amethyst. You could also go for an unconventional colour of stone. These are often considered the less desirable colour of stone such as an almost black sapphire.

We wouldn’t advise compromising on the cut of stone. Or get a stone with a large number of very visible inclusions. This would result in a stone that simply won’t look as nice!

GR009 cushion cut morganite and diamond halo engagement ring feature image Dublin Ireland jewellersBuying Gemstones Online

Here at Commins and Co, we wouldn’t advise the purchase of gemstones online. We know from experience that the colour of a gem can look very different in pictures than in day light. As a result, the value of seeing your stone, pre-purchase, in person cannot be understated. If you do decide to buy online make sure it is from a reputable dealer. They should place emphasis on quality not just price. Even better would be to do a quick search to see if the dealer has had positive past experiences with customers. Viewing reviews can be handy to see if there are negative reviews. Most large dealers should attend trading shows. You should look to see if the dealer attends these and this will reflect positively on their reputation.

However, the most key element would be that the dealer is open to returns. There would be nothing worse than having to settle for a gemstone that falls short of what you envisioned. However, to keep the process simple we would recommend just shopping around, in person. Do this with many jewellers to find the stone that you like.

Custom Gemstone Rings

emerald and diamond gemstone ring featureOnce you have decided on your ideal stone, whether it be a sapphire, a ruby, a garnet, an opal, whatever stone, the next step is to find your dream setting by designing your own ring. A popular style that we have seen is a sapphire stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. However we have the capabilities to make you your ideal style. A halo, multi-stone, simple solitaire or a side stone ring as well as source you your stone.

Antique Gemstone Rings

HD063 Black Diamond Halo Engagement Ring featureIn store, we have an extensive range of antique style rings and among them are some stunning gemstone rings featuring many different stones. We have even combined a relatively new to the mass market stone, the morganite, with one of our antique designs and it has really come out quite stunning. There is no limit to what you can do when it comes to creating your gemstone ring, all you have to do is start the process.


Gemstones can be a great alternative to the classic choice of diamonds and can really stand out!