Gemstone Engagement Rings – An Alternative Choice

Just like diamonds, Gemstones are formed deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Miners drill down deep into the Earths crust in search of these rare Gems. They are then cut and polished and made into a piece of jewellery. These include  rings or necklaces. The three most common gemstones are Ruby, Sapphire and Emeralds.

Some commonly used names for gemstones are:

  • Precious/ Semi – Precious stone.
  • Fine Gem.
  • Jewel.

In recent years Gemstones have become quite popular. So much so that a woman’s idea in terms of an engagement ring has changed with many seeing the fine gem as a more sizeable option. The reason for this is because gemstones per carat can be purchased at a cheaper rate than diamonds. As a result, you can make more of a statement on your finger.

One of the benefits of going with a gemstone as the centre stone of your engagement ring is the variety of styles it offers. The most commonly sought after style is the Vintage Halo Gemstone & Diamond Ring. The antique style makes it a great addition for an engagement ring or right hand ring.



Another more modern style would be the Three Stone Gemstone & Diamond Engagement Ring. This style of ring tends to have two round cut diamonds either side of a raised centre gemstone.


And finally you have your traditional, timeless and beautifully elegant Solitaire Gemstone Engagement Ring. Exceptionally similar to the traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring but may be a good choice for someone with a quirky personality.

GR014 feature image of yellow sapphire solitaire engagement ring Dublin Ireland jewellers

The Gemstone has and will always be a popular choice for a lady looking to purchase an engagement ring to the variations in cut, colour, and style on offer.