Finding Your Dream Unique Engagement Ring

Buying the engagement ring can be a tiresome process- first you want your ring to be of high quality, then you want it to be of the  setting of your choosing (solitaire, halo, multi-stone, side stone…), followed by choosing your metal and diamonds. Amidst all of this, you still want a ring that feels unique to you and represents your personality. There are many ways to achieve this and this week we’re going to discuss just a few!

Antique Style

SD069 vintage inspired leaf style diamond engagement ring featureWe have a range of antique designs re-made in high quality materials in store to view. These rings consist of very unusual and intricate designs that would not be found in most mainstream jewellers. These  styles are reminiscent of times gone by such as the Art Deco era. With these styles there’s no fear of your friends having the same ring! See here.                                                                                                                                                                 


md019 princess and pear cut diamond trilogy engagement ring feature imageFancy Cut Multi-Stone

Everyone knows and love the classic three-stone, round brilliant cut multi stone engagement ring, so why not try and put a twist and make yours a ‘modern’ classic. There are many ways to update this beloved style such as adding diamonds to the band or changing the claws say from four-claw to six. These are both subtle changes but can make a difference. For a more dramatic change, why not consider changing the cut of diamond from round cut to a diamond combination of your choice. Some of our favourite combinations are the princess cut centre flanked by two pears (See here) or a pear cut centre with baguette cuts on each side.

Gemstone Rings

GR023 feature image of french plated sapphire and diamond target ring Dublin Ireland jewellersAlthough gemstone engagement rings are growing in popularity, they have yet to garner even close to the popularity of diamonds when it comes to buying these rings. Swapping out a diamond for a gemstone can add a pop of colour to your look that may come as a welcome addition. Gemstones can look good in all styles- as a centre stone in a halo, on its own in a solitaire, complemented by diamonds in a side stone style or as a centre of a three-stone piece. We have many stones in store for you to view such as sapphire, ruby, topaz, emerald, aquamarine, opal and morganite  and we can source stones from our network of dealers to your preference.

See here

DR005-feature-image-of-diamond-solitaire-engagement-ring-commins-and-co-dublin-ireland-jewellersSubtle Solitaire Wow-Factors

For those of us looking for something a little more subtle in terms of making their ring their own, making slight tweaks to a classic solitaire can be the perfect solution. There are a few ways to make your solitaire stand-out among the rest. The first is to do with the claws-the most popular option is a classic four claw setting so why not go from something a little different such as a compass style 4-claw or even a six-claw. Another way to modernise this style is to change the style of band from a classic straight thin band to a band with a subtle twist effect or even just a thicker band. Alternatively, instead of opting for a classic round cut diamond, why not try a fancy cut of diamond. View here

These are just a few ways you can make your engagement ring stand-out, however, staying true to classics is still very much a beautiful option!