A beginner’s guide to fancy shaped engagement rings

Ask anyone who’s done it and they’ll tell you: proposing is one of the most nerve-wracking things you can do. But with a proposal to plan, the last thing you want to do is worry too much about the ring. That’s why you should consider something that’s bang on-trend for 2019: fancy shaped engagement rings. Of course, the traditional round cut diamond never goes out of style, but if you really want to your partner to draw some adoring stares, one of these different cuts might be for you.

Here is the low-down on five of the best fancy shaped engagement rings:

1. Emerald cut

HD028 emerald cut diamond halo engagement ring featureAn emerald cut diamond engagement ring is one of the most striking designs you can find. If you’re looking for something totally different from a traditional round cut, you can’t go wrong here. With an immediately eye-catching rectangular design, the emerald cut is “stepped” around its circumference, meaning that the upper pane is completely flat with several steps leading down toward the stone’s edges. The name “emerald” refers to the origins of this cut, which was originally exclusively used with emerald stones.


2. Marquise cut

HD004 Marquise diamond set halo engagement ring 1The marquise cut diamond engagement ring is one of the more unusual shapes you’ll find. Classically recognised by its longer horizontal proportions, the Marquise Cut can also be referred to as “little boat” in French due to its resemblance to a sea vessel. The diamond features a flat top pane with many small facets surrounding it to lend it a wonderful brilliance.



3. Pear cut

hd011-feature-image-of-pear-cut-diamond-yellow-gold-halo-engagement-ring-dublin-ireland-jewellers-commins-and-coThe name may be a giveaway on this one, but the pear cut diamond engagement ring most closely resembles a pear – or a teardrop. With a point at one end and a gentle curve at the other, this vertically-oriented diamond is truly something special. The asymmetrical design will catch anyone’s eye and make for an engagement ring that no-one will forget.


4. Radiant cut

SD049 Radiant cut side stone engagement ring featureThe radiant cut diamond ring is another one which bucks the trend away from classically circular designs. Available as either a square or a rectangle, this four-sided diamond is complemented by subtly bevelled corners which really catch the light and create true sparkle. With a flat upper pane and multiple facets, the radiant cut diamond is a timeless shape which will last forever


5. Oval cut

DR022-feature-image-of-oval-cut-solitaire-diamond-engagement-ring-dublin-ireland-jewellers-commins-and-coIf you’re a fan of the classic rounded diamond cut, but you still want to do something a little special, then the oval cut diamond ring might be the perfect compromise. Made with a wide upper pane to enhance the perceived size of the diamond, this is an eye-catching cut with a “top heavy” style. The classically symmetrical shape of the oval means that an engagement ring featuring this cut will always be perfectly balanced.

Even with all the advice in the world, we understand that choosing a diamond engagement ring can still be a difficult task. If you need a helping hand in finding a ring made with certified diamonds, get in touch with the Commins & Co team today and we’ll help you make the right choice for you (and your future fiancée)!