Engagement rings: should you buy online or in store?

An engagement ring is a very big purchase and getting it right is important. When it comes to buying engagement rings, should you shop around online or visit a real brick and mortar jewellery shop? Here we weigh up the two, to help you make an informed decision when it comes to finding your perfect engagement ring.


In the debate around online vs in store jewellers, there are some serious pitfalls to internet shopping. Buy jewellery online or in a jewellersIn a highly unregulated online market, you can run the risk of being conned and receiving a poor quality product.  Or worse still, no engagement ring at all. True, you might find a bargain or pick up a ring at a lower price than you’d pay in store, but there’s truth in the old adage that you get what you pay for.

Most rings sold online are cheaper because they are mass-produced. What might look like a penny-saver could cost you more in the long run.  This is because the lower quality means more wear and tear and more costly repairs in the future.

The lack of regulations could mean you get an inferior product. What the seller claims to be a real, natural diamond could be a cheaper lab-grown stone rather than a genuine, laser inscribed gem. If you get the wrong finger size you could also be in trouble. Depending on the online seller, they can offer little or no aftercare.  A High Street jeweller will be extremely reluctant to work on a ring they didn’t sell in the first place.

There’s also the risk that you never receive your ring, or you receive a damaged item. All the major shipping companies don’t insure goods over €500.  If it’s damaged or lost in transit then you could find yourself out of pocket.


diamond ring in jewellers in yellow goldA professional jeweller will produce fewer but far more high-quality pieces. Their selection will consist of solitaire, trilogy, halo and melee engagement rings.  Because they don’t mass manufacture their engagement rings, they may be more expensive than those you’d find online but you certainly get your money’s worth. They can also offer to tailor make a ring by going down the ‘design your own engagement ring‘ route. To meet your tastes and desires.

If you purchase from a reputable jeweller with plenty of positive customer reviews, the ring you get will be made from higher quality materials and can be reshaped to fit. The levels of aftercare you receive will far surpass anything you’d get from an online seller. AS a result, caring for or repairing your ring in the future is taken care of.

With no complex supply chain, instore engagement rings can still be competitively priced. Plus you know you’re getting a genuine diamond, which will have been minutely inscribed under a microscope and viewed in store.

Purchase from a well-known jeweller such as Commins & Co, and you get hand-made, hand set rings from a master goldsmith. We put all our profits back into training our expert jewellers and investing in the best equipment. We also take care of all repairs and resizing in-house, with free cleaning for life. When it comes to online vs instore, no internet deal can come close to visiting a genuine and trusted jeweller.