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Engagement Rings Limerick

For the modern-day couple, it is now quite common for the guy to propose with a promise ring and then search for the perfect engagement ring together after getting the all important yes. This was the case for Lucy and Kevin. Born and raised in the city of Limerick the couple set out to find Lucy her perfect engagement ring. Unfortunately, due to the style Lucy was looking for she found it difficult to come across anything of real substance.

Lucy was looking for a vintage inspired engagement ring. She was not a fan of modern styles nor did she feel an actual antique was practical for everyday wear. It was by chance that she came across our website through a web search for ‘vintage inspired engagement rings’. After reading a few blogs on our site and looking at a few commissioned rings herself and Kevin made the decision to book an appointment with our team and make the journey from Limerick to visit our Dublin based store.


From Limerick To Dublin, Making The Right Decision:

Engagement ring limerick
Engagement ring limerick

Upon arriving in store Lucy and Kevin viewed our extensive range of engagement rings and finally Lucy’s eyes lit up when she saw HD035, one of our vintage inspired engagement rings. After making a few tweaks in changing the metal type and diamond size Lucy and Kevin made the journey back home to Limerick while we created her bespoke designed engagement ring.

Due to work commitments Lucy was unable to travel up to Dublin until the date of collection but are team could keep her up to date with the design process throughout. We sent a 3D rendered image of the ring before creating it to allow her to see a visual representation of what would be the finished product. Once Lucy signed off on it we then went and created the ring while keeping her up to date throughout.


Back To Limerick With The Perfect Ring:

Engagement ring limerick
Engagement ring limerick

Four weeks later Lucy and Kevin made their final journey from Limerick to Dublin to collect the engagement ring. Lucy was elated with how the design turned out. She loved that she could add her ‘own unique touch’ to what would become her engagement ring. That evening they headed home to Limerick were family and friends alike shared in her delight.

It may not be the case every time but sometimes confining yourself can cause great difficulty in finding the perfect engagement ring. Exploring all avenues can potentially allow us to give an exemplary service through online consultation and the occasional trip up to Dublin. If you have any queries you can contact our team on 01-4422472 or Info@comminsandco.ie