Welcome to the world of wedding rings! Choosing the perfect wedding ring can be a daunting task. Wedding rings hold significant meaning, representing a lifelong commitment to your partner. It is essential to find a ring that reflects your personal style, taste and budget.

In these pages, we have created a guide for you to ensure you have all the information you could need to make your choice. We believe choosing the wedding rings can be an exciting and enjoyable time for couples. It is something you can do well in advance of the wedding, so it doesn’t add to the busyness of planning the wedding. So take your time, read through our guide and take note of any elements that may seem important to you. You can also contact us by email or Instagram DM with any questions and, of course, you can also just browse our wedding ring collection and find a ring you like the look of too!


Wedding rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, as it was believed that the vein in this finger, called the “vena amoris,” ran directly to the heart. Over time, wedding rings have evolved to represent a symbol of love and commitment, and the styles and materials used in creating them have also changed.

For Women

The most popular styles of women’s wedding rings are plain bands, pavé set and claw set diamond bands. Diamond bands are a relatively new trend but have grown massively in popularity as a way to add more sparkle to the hand and complement the engagement ring. Other options include curved bands which accommodate a larger engagement by curving around the centre stone. Crown-style bands also curve but have extra diamonds such as Marquise or Round diamonds on the curved part, creating a “crown” for the engagement ring.

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For Men

Men’s wedding rings typically have a simpler design, with plain bands being the most popular choice. However, men’s wedding rings can also be decorated with patterns, engravings, and even diamonds or gemstones. The most popular men’s wedding ring metals are gold, platinum, white gold and palladium also becoming increasingly popular due to their durability and affordability.

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When it comes to budget, there is a wedding ring for every price range. Traditional gold and platinum rings tend to be more expensive, while alternative materials such as palladium or 9k gold are more affordable. Diamond rings can range from a few hundred to thousands of euro, depending on the size and quality of the diamonds.

Personal Taste

Wedding rings are a reflection of personal taste, and it is essential to choose a style that suits you and your partner’s personalities. Some couples prefer matching wedding rings, while others prefer a more individualized design. It is also becoming increasingly popular for couples to opt for custom-designed wedding rings, which can be a beautiful way to incorporate personal details and unique touches into your ring.

Enjoy choosing your wedding ring!

In conclusion, wedding rings hold significant meaning and choosing the perfect ring can be a memorable experience. From classic diamond solitaires to custom-designed rings, there is a wedding ring for every style, taste, and budget. Whether you are looking for a simple, classic design or something more unique and personal, there is no shortage of options available.