Men’s Popular Wedding Rings

by Commins & Co on April 16, 2020

There is a common misconception when it comes to men’s wedding rings that they have to be plain. A simple yellow gold or platinum band, maybe with some variation in width, but that’s about the height of the excitement. This may have been the case years ago, but not anymore. Nowadays, men can choose from a whole host of different styles, metals, widths, depths and patterns. There is no longer a go-to ring for all men.

Platinum Men’s Wedding Rings

What metal to go for comes down to personal preference but, as with most things, there are pros and cons to all options. The first metal to discuss is Platinum. Unlike white gold, platinum will not fade to yellow over time. Platinum has a duller hue which many find preferable to the brighter, shinier white gold. There is also less maintenance involved with this metal as there is no need to get it rhodium plated (like white gold) regularly, but rather you can get it polished occasionally if you like. However, platinum is the most expensive metal option. Platinum is a very durable metal and will stand the test of time.  Platinum’s properties also make it highly resistant to tarnishing and extremes of heat & chemicals.

Palladium Men’s Wedding Rings

In our shop, palladium is by far the most popular option. There are advantages and disadvantages to this option too. A major advantage of this metal is that it looks very similar to platinum, but is a fraction of the cost. Palladium may be slightly less durable than platinum but it has to be said that both metals wear away very similarly and require very similar levels of upkeep and maintenance. It is a very rare metal and is also very resistant to tarnishing, like platinum.

brushed effect wedding ring gwr2002

Gents brushed effect wedding ring GWR2002

Also, palladium can be resized (as can platinum). Palladium is less dense metal when compared with platinum and would therefore feel more lightweight on the finger. It tends to go best with a pattern.

Two-Tone Gent’s Wedding Rings

Once a metal is decided on, the fun part can begin- choosing your style. Choosing between metals can be difficult, so we’ve offered some solutions! Why choose, when you can choose a Bi-Colour? Currently in stock, we have rings that are a combination of rose gold + palladium or yellow gold + palladium but we can make a gent’s ring in the metals of your choice. 

Gents bi colour wedding bands Dublin GWR3021

Gents bi-colour wedding band GWR3021

These two tone rings look great and are an eye-catching design choice, but still a subtle one. If adding diamonds or the addition of a pattern isn’t quite your style, but you still want something a little different, this is a great alternative.

Diamond Set Men’s Wedding Rings

If the thought of a plain band really, really doesn’t appeal to you, we have the range for you! Just landed in store, is our gent’s diamond set range. All of these are available in the various metals and can be viewed on our website in white, yellow and rose gold- but can be made in the metal of your choice. We have round cuts, emerald cuts, square cuts and baguette cut diamond rings to choose from. These all come in different styles such as tension set, multi-stone or as part of a more intricate overall design. Whatever the style is that you’re looking for, we’re confident we can deliver the diamond set style to suit!

Cheap Men’s Wedding Rings

Here at Commins & Co, we want to give you the highest quality product for the best value. We want to provide you with a wedding ring that will stand the test of time. We also make sire it won’t fall apart on you after a few years. Your wedding ring should last your lifetime and that is what we endeavour to deliver on.  We can provide you with rings in 9k white/rose/yellow gold. However we would recommend choosing 18k rose/yellow/white gold as it is more durable. Also when it comes to depth of metal, the cheapest option is light, yet we would recommend choosing intermediate. This is because if, down the line, you require a re-size, there is simply more metal to work with. As a result, there is less risk of needed to replace the ring instead.

Simple Gent’s Wedding Rings

Finally, if none of these styles are for you, we do have offer classic plain bands to suit your specifications. We have three styles ~ Traditional, Flat and Modern. Traditional is a more rounded band, which is most common and has been around for many years. Flat is,  as the name suggests, a style that is very flat with no curve on each side. And finally, modern is a combination of the two, it is flat with a slight curve towards the finger on each side.  Once you reach a decision on this, the next choice is the width of the ring. The most popular widths are 4mm to 5mm but we offer from 1mm right up to 8mm so it really comes down to what suits the hand the best.

5mm Yellow gold slight court gents wedding Ring GWR1011

5mm Yellow gold slight court gents wedding Ring GWR1011

The next step is to choose the depth of metal, we offer light, intermediate and heavy. We recommend intermediate, as it is still relatively light on the finger but it has enough metal for a future re-size if required. Finally, you choose your metal, which as discussed above, is something that should be properly considered as you want your ring to last!


So, to conclude, although buying men’s wedding rings pales in comparison in terms of difficulty when compared with say, women’s engagement rings, it is still a process that takes time.  Our best advice is to have all of the following properly considered before entering a jewellers

  • Your preference on style- do you want a simple plain band? Would like just a subtle engraved pattern? A matte finish? A hammered effect? Diamond set? Two tone?
  • Your preference on metal- ideally, you could so some research on the pros and cons of the metals but if not, we are happy to assist you!  As mentioned we offer rose, white and yellow gold as well as platinum and palladium so you’re definitely not short of options.
  • Your budget- as mentioned previously, there is a price difference between the metals as well as between the diamond set rings versus the simple patterned styles. Also, we do offer an engraving service and this will add a small extra cost.

For most men, putting the ring on initially is an overwhelming experience as in most cases, this is their first time wearing any sort of jewellery. However, once the initial shock is over, the ring becomes a symbol of something wonderful and should be enjoyed for a long time to come! Pop into see us in the Powerscourt Townhouse so we can assist you in finding your ideal ring.

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