by Commins & Co on June 26, 2023

Why choose a gemstone?

With semi-precious and precious gemstone engagement rings firmly in place as one of the most popular engagement trends, it’s easy to see why they can be the perfect pick for the loved one in your life.

Settling on an engagement ring for your loved one can be a difficult task. But with gemstones rings rising in popularity and a wealth of options available to buyers of all backgrounds and budgets, they are an increasingly attractive option.

So, why should you choose a gemstone engagement ring and which type of stone is a solid choice to pick out?

But why choose one?

Because they are striking and stylish. No matter the colour or cut, gemstones appear striking no matter what occasion they are presented in. Deciding on an engagement piece is not only a truly unique decision but also gives your loved one a stunning piece to add to their collection that they can wear for the rest of your lives together.

They are truly thoughtful. Choosing a gemstone allows you to tailor your ring to your partner’s tastes and fashion sense. Picking out their birthstone could be significant or choosing a stone that has particular importance to them or a favourite piece of jewellery.

And they are quite affordable. It is worth remembering that gemstones are significantly less expensive than choosing a diamond ring. Why not put your savings towards your wedding budget?

What gemstone should I choose?

When it comes to picking out a suitable gemstone, it’s easy to find yourself spoiled for choice. Here are some of our favourite choices and some of the options you have available when it comes to choosing your ring.

SapphireImbued with an eye-catching blue hue, sapphires are the perfect choice in solitaire rings, which let the stone speak for itself. If you’re looking for something a little more special, mounting it in white gold can magnify its timeless beauty and stun its lucky new owner.

Sapphire and diamond yellow gold halo engagement ring gr084

EmeraldElegance incarnate, choosing an emerald stone allows you to up your carat size and guarantee that your loved one will be lost in its verdant. Best paired with elegant filigree, mounting it in silvers or platinum is a perfect choice.

RubyRubies favour a square cut, but choosing a cushion cut in a raised grip can truly let it stand out in any outfit. Choosing a round cut can give a little bit more variety but surrounding it with a starburst of smaller diamonds can reflect its elegance without breaking the bank.

white gold ruby and diamond gemstone ring gr091 on hand

MorganiteThe pink-hued beauty of morganite stands in any piece that it is added too. Mounting this in rose gold can provide a beautiful colour contrast that lets the stone truly sing, capturing light in its depths.

AquamarineAn absolute beauty of a gemstone, aquamarine looks best when paired with a minimalist grip, delivered in an elegant pear-cut matching its ice-blue beauty like a frozen droplet of water.

Whatever your taste, style or desire, the award winning team at Commins & Co will be able to look after you with our extensive gemstone range. For further assistance visit our website our contact on on 01-4422472.

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