The comprehensive Valentine’s Day Jewellery gift guide from Commins and Co

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and it’s better to get inspired for gift idea’s and start considering what you want to gift your loved one sooner rather than later. Whether they’re a fan of delicate and dainty pieces, or they prefer something that stands out, Commins and Co have a wide selection of different products on offer to suit just about any preference. There’s no better way to show your love than beautiful, affordable fine jewellery – so why not get inspired today? Read on to discover our selection of Valentine’s-ready gift ideas that are sure to be a hit when the big day rolls around:

Which piece to choose?

Before looking at prices or examining the different styles and shapes of fine jewellery on offer, knowing which piece to choose is the first hurdle. Is your partner a fan of elegant rings, or do they prefer beautiful pendants with gemstones or diamonds? Perhaps they love bracelets glittering with classic diamond designs, or a gold-based simple option is more up their street. Having a good idea of precisely the kind of thing your loved one adores can ensure a Valentine’s gift that trumps all others. If you want to make an impression, this is the place to start.

Pendant necklaces are an excellent everyday addition that can be worn with plenty of different outfits and in countless scenarios. At the same time, valuable earrings may be refined to upscale functions and events. An incredible bracelet may look beautiful in formal wear, but it’s less suited to everyday use. Whether you want something unique, stored away for that perfect occasion, or you want something gorgeous that your loved one can be reminded of every day, is entirely up to you. Every piece we create is designed meticulously to stand the test of time, and look just as beautiful in years to come as it does the first moment it is gifted.

Luckily, at Commins and Co, we stock a wide range of different, equally beautiful jewellery pieces ready and waiting to be gifted to the right person. From modern, simplistic pieces created from 18k gold, through to intricate vintage-style designs that call back to ’20s, ’30s or ’50s styles, we’ve got a selection of pieces that would please even the pickiest of partners. With options to suit your budget, and each item completed to the highest possible standard, exceptional jewellery is what we do – and that’s the level of service we can provide to you.

Finding the perfect jewellery for the perfect person

For understated jewellery lovers

For some, more obtrusive or statement jewellery isn’t the right fit, whether it’s a ring, bracelet, pendant or anything Pn103-feature-image-of-three-pence-silver-coin-pendant-necklace-dublin-dublin-jewellers-commins-and-coelse. For loved ones that adore the understated and delicate look, we’ve got plenty of different options to suit. A delicate round-cut tennis bracelet could be the ideal way to show off your affections without going big, offering a subtle but still luxurious way to get across your affections. Alternatively, a simple yet elegant yellow gold stud earring could be the ideal solution. No one gift is right for every person, but for fans of the understated, these options are certainly an excellent place to start.

For fans of the statement piece

Want to make an impact with your Valentine’s offering? If you’re a fan of the statement piece, then Commins and Coreal model image of vintage inspired sapphire and diamond pendant necklace pn044 have plenty you – and your loved one – will adore. Elegant, vibrant and with perfect clarity, our diamond pieces are utterly eye-catching in all the right ways. Our vintage inspired sapphire and diamond pendant offers a statement addition to any collection, perfectly formed in every way to be the ideal addition to any outfit. For those that prefer earrings, our diamond and gemstone earrings make the perfect gift that’s both statement and stylish.

For meaningful jewellery that stands the test of time

Timeless, classic jewellery that can be worn for years to come – that’s the ultimate goal of a beautiful Valentine’s present. Luckily, our catalogue of elegant jewellery is filled with exceptional examples that will look as good today as they will in five or ten years’ time – family heirlooms built to survive generations. Our simple round brilliant cut diamond studs are the perfect long-term gift, simple and always in style. Alternatively, a stunning eternity ring – like our 0.75ct round brilliant-cut scallop set ring, is something that can be passed down in any family. Beautiful, elegant and timeless.

For that big gesture

As the most romantic time of year, it should come as no surprise that Valentine’s is our most popular time, especially round-brilliant-cut-diamond-solitaire-engagement-ring-dublin-ireland-jewellers-commins-and-cofor our stunning selection of engagement rings. If you’re looking to make that big gesture, there’s no better piece of jewellery to invest in than a timeless, elegant and precious piece that your loved one will adore. For the modern couple, our platinum solitaire engagement ring is the ideal match. For couples that prefer the classics, our beautiful marquise diamond rings offers the perfect bridge between old-world style and modern love. There’s no better way to kick off the next chapter of your life than with beautiful jewellery.

For love on a budget

As a luxury jewellery brand with an exquisite range of beautiful diamond, gem and precious-metal-based pieces, very few consider Commins and Co to be an affordable fine jewellery maker. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re looking for a finely crafted, beautiful piece that’s within your budget, our incredible gemstone range starts at just €225 for genuinely exceptional pieces that look far more expensive. There is no such thing as unaffordable when it comes to the full range of beautiful products we stock online and in-store because love is for everyone – and our fantastic range of elegant jewellery items prove this.

Discover a range of elegant jewellery online today, or contact us directly to help find the perfect solution for your Valentine’s Day gifting needs. We’re the experts when it comes to finding the ideal piece for that perfect person.