Fine Jewellery Vs Fashion Jewellery

Adornments have been worn and treasured since the dawn of civilisation. In ancient times, shells, feathers and even coloured pebbles which incorporated into the earliest jewellery. For both genders, wearing jewellery was a symbol of importance and wealth. A way for all members of society to increase their confidence in their appearance. That is why both fashion and fine jewellery continue to be such an important part of everyday life.

Items of jewellery can represent important things. These are engagements and marriages, celebrate special occasions and symbolise love.

What’s the difference between fashion jewellery and fine jewellery?

There are important physical characteristics that define ‘fine’ jewellery. Fine jewellery covers items crafted from precious metals. These are generally gold and platinum. It also incorporates gemstone jewellery, earrings and other items created by naturally occurring precious stones. Cultured pearls are also an element of fine jewellery.

Fashion or costume jewellery is created from imitation metals and stones, and even plastic. Therefore, though items can often look reasonably convincing and attractive. They carry neither the same status nor intrinsic and abiding value. One more important definition of fine jewellery that’s important to note is that due to the quality of metals and stones used, it can be repaired, restored and even reworked. The same cannot be said of fashion jewellery. This often has a short lifespan.

Fine jewellery as an investment

This leads to one of the main reasons people opt to invest in fine jewellery. It has both a perceived and real value that’s impossible to replicate. The wearer enjoys a heightened sense of feeling special! It becomes a wonderful and treasured heirloom. Fine jewellery will often increase in monetary value over time, unlike alternative adornments. You only need to attend a jewellery action to see the incredible prices that sought-after pieces fetch.

Interestingly, the high value attached to fine jewellery is not always solely related to the purity of metal or the quality or size of the gemstones. Some relatively modest items command high resale prices due to their antecedents, for instance, if they have been worn by royalty or movie stars. Other pieces grow in importance with time. Even a rare colour in a gemstone can boost its resale value enormously.

Have you heard of the Hope Diamond? It is widely held to be the most valuable and significant jewel in history. This 45.52 carats blue stone is nonetheless a diamond and valued at a colossal $250 million. Of course, everyday folk can still find far more affordable fine jewellery to invest in!

Let’s look at some examples of items you can add to your collection if you want to buy or wear fine jewellery secure in the knowledge it will hold its value. On this occasion, we’ll be steering away from the most popular fine jewellery item: rings.


Items to decorate wrists are one of the oldest types of jewellery and have never gone out of fashion.

0.11ct-key-to-your-heart-diamond-bracelet-br019Choosing bracelets to match your outfit runs alongside the potential for them to be highly sentimental belongings. Fine jewellery bracelets can also run a gamut of designs. From delicate, understated chains and bangles, to gemstone jewellery that makes a considerable fashion statement!

Bracelets made from precious metals and gems also represent the perfect gift not just for a lover. Such as the 0.11ct Key To Your Heart Diamond Bracelet BR019, but also a mother, sister or even a work colleague who is leaving!

3.00ct-rose-gold-tennis-bracelet-br008For example, a 3.00ct 18k Rose Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet BR008 would be a universally well-received and treasured gift as seen in the image to the right. Also, nothing quite says good luck in the future quite like a stunning and unusual 0.14ct Ladies Anchor Diamond Bracelet BR020.

Clearly, fine jewellery can be designed ‘out of the box’ when it comes to bracelets, offering buyers an exciting diversity of options.


Are earrings a modern invention? Not in the least, as it is believed people have been piercing their ears for over 5,000 years! A 4th-millennium mummy was uncovered with holes in his lobes and King Tutankhamen’s mummy also had the same piercing!

ear image of sapphire and diamond halo earrings er077Fortunately for contemporary fans of ear decorations, the craftsmanship of fine jewellers has developed considerably over the centuries. It is now possible to buy an incredible variety of fine jewellery earrings. Ones that suit all preferences and budgets!

Earrings can be the perfect way to show off delicate gems or pearls at eye level, drawing attention to your face. A great example would be our exquisite 0.83ct Sapphire And Diamond Drop Earrings ER077 which show the jewellery makers’ expertise off beautifully.

ear image of diamond stud earrings er063Alternatively, choose a pair of 9k Yellow Gold Plain Hoop Earrings ER096 in their highly distinctive design. Yellow gold is also ideal for more differently shaped earring. Everything from eye-catching gold drop earrings to the understated simplicity of a lovely stud. Though our Rose, White And Yellow Gold Knot Stud Earring JU015 take the concept to a whole new level!

One of the reasons diamond-encrusted earrings are so universally popular and a timelessly welcomed gift is that they can be worn with anything and on many different occasions. Take, for instance, our 0.75ct Round Cut Diamond Stud Earrings ER063, which can be day or night wear, for work or for fun times!

Pendant necklace

Perhaps one of the most creative areas of fine jewellery production is the design of pendant necklaces.

pn062-circle-of-life-diamond-pendant-on-model-commins-and-co-jewellers-image-1We specialise in diamond pendants in Ireland due to their iconic appearance, and our ability to offer customers natural diamonds, certified diamonds and lab-grown diamonds to match their preferences. When diamonds accompany elegant gemstones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds. The wearer has fine jewellery to suit their own tastes and preferences.

Just feast your eyes on our 1.00ct circle of life pendant necklace PN062 to see how combining creativity and the best components can create a thing of beauty.

When given as a gift, fine jewellery pendant necklaces can also be deeply symbolic and sentimental. For example, nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a 0.20ct Heart Shape Diamond Pendant Necklace PN108. You could use a 0.09ct Infinity Diamond Pendant Necklace PN069 to convey a message of loyalty, faithfulness and enduring affection.

How to choose fine jewellery

When shopping for gifts, or personal purchases, it is vital to seek out reputable fine jewellery companies. Commins & Co prides itself on offering the best of the jewellers’ craft, incorporating only high-quality components, but always at a price that is fair and affordable.