Yellow Gold Engagement Rings – The Metal of Choice

Why yellow gold engagement rings are making a comeback

When it comes to engagement rings, white gold and platinum bands have reigned supreme in recent years, but this is a trend that’s expected to change. 2019 is set to be the year of the yellow gold engagement ring. This metal is renowned for its beauty and distinct appearance. Men typically spend two months of their salary on an engagement ring. As a result, it’s important for it to be as unique and special as possible. Here are three reasons why eighteen karat yellow gold is the go-to precious metal for engagement rings in 2019:

They have a timeless appearance

Popularised in the ’60s, yellow gold was the standard jewellery style for any bride to be. The warm hue compliments almost every skin tone. Back then, more emphasis was placed on the band and the love it signified. This was instead of the value of the gemstone that adorned it. This is something that people are trying to recapture in the modern day. Most importantly, yellow gold has a vintage aesthetic that is breathtakingly beautiful to admire as it rests on the finger.

Yellow gold stands out from the crowd

Yellow gold sapphire and diamond ringIn a sea of platinum and white gold engagement rings, 18K yellow gold is the piece of jewellery that really holds your attention. New brides-to-be are looking to break the mould and make every aspect of their wedding and engagement unique; a yellow gold wedding band is rarely seen in the modern day and is sure to attract a lot of compliments and attention. Best of all, a valuable precious metal ring will make the wearer feel truly special and the shine that radiates from a genuine yellow gold ring is unlike any other.

Bring attention to your gemstone

The best thing about a yellow metal wedding ring is that you can decide how simple or extravagant you want it to appear. You could opt for an understated band, or you could choose a gemstone ring styled in 18k yellow gold or even a beautifully cut diamond. The yellow hue from the ring will really make the gem stand out. As a result, the contrast of colours can make the diamond appear whiter and more brilliant.