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by Commins & Co on June 26, 2023

An engagement ring is one of the most important things you will ever buy. So much love, respect and hope is wrapped up in the purchase that you have to know it’s been made with that same level of care, but what if you could have the perfect ring at a price that doesn’t cost the earth? Here at Commins & Co, we pride ourselves on that combination of quality and value which makes for a five-star shopping experience. This is how we do it.

Design excellence

The jewellery business is one of the oldest and most respected institutions there is, but that’s no reason to think it can’t be at the cutting edge of modern technology too. Unlike high street jewellers, we have a highly trained in house team of craftspeople equipped with the latest in design software, machinery and tools to craft each and every ring from scratch. Not only does this produce rings of unrivalled quality, but it also cuts out the middle man and ensures that we can charge a fair and flat margin on our rings that make them up to 40% less expensive than high street jewellers.

Thanks to the investment that we have put into our Dublin based studio, we are also able to work highly efficiently and precisely to cut down on wasted materials and wasted time. Combined with the years of experience and high skill levels of our designers and jewellers, each ring is carefully and individually crafted to combine the highest quality with the best value. This means we can individually and competitively price our engagement rings, with no generic price points or opportunistic markups that you might see at a high street jewellers.

diamond engagement rings at Commins and Co

Industry experience

Commins and Co store front

Each ring we make is more than just the sum of its parts, but that doesn’t mean the different materials that go into making one aren’t important. Our expert team are highly respected fixtures in the jewellery industry, with many years of experience and a huge array of contacts at businesses around the world, making it easier for us to source the best prices for gold, diamonds and platinum. We only work with small, ethical suppliers who source their materials directly from ethically run mines, and it’s that network of personal relationships that allows us to keep our prices down.

Most high street jewellers have very high costs to factor into their pricing structure when it comes to setting a value on their rings, which often means the ring’s price doesn’t reflect its actual value. High marketing budgets, global networks of bricks and mortar stores, fluctuating wholesale prices and other large overheads all add to the cost of producing each ring, a cost that is then passed on to the consumer at the tills. That’s not our way. Our small team of bespoke craftspeople dispense with all of the cost and complications a large company has to deal with and simply design and make exquisite, cost-effective rings that are sold at a fair and honest price every time.

Every customer, every time

You can’t put a price on those extra little details that go into the purchase of a high-quality engagement ring, and that’s another area in which our way of doing business stands head and shoulders above the rest. We use customer satisfaction as one of the main metrics by which we judge our success, above even revenue or profits, and it’s through positive word of mouth and good reviews that we are able to expand and grow. We don’t have a massive marketing team behind us, so while high street businesses rely on price hikes and cost-cutting to make their money, every extra sale we make has to be won through the delighted faces of our happy customers as they try on their ring for the first time.

When you buy your engagement ring through us, you’re only one or two steps away from the crafts person who made your ring, the designer who made it and the jeweller who set it. We believe in a close and open relationship between our customers and our work, and we’ll always try to go the extra mile for each and every ring we make to be absolutely perfect. Whether it’s an unusual design, a special request or just some very specific requirements, we love a challenge and we’re happy to help our customers, to whom we owe our success. Our 5-star rating on Google and across all our review sites is testament to the great relationship we have with everyone who does business with us.

Exceptional packaging at Commins and Co

Fair and just

We don’t cut corners in any of our work, and we make countless adjustments to our processes to ensure they are better and fairer for you. It might cost us more to produce each ring as a result, but it’s important to us that our product is as good as it can be and that we do the right thing by our customers. For example, we don’t use nickel in our white gold because it has the potential to damage sensitive skin. Instead, we use more palladium to ensure that the metal is whiter and brighter for longer. We also only use category A diamonds in our custom rings, the brightest diamonds you can get. None of these costs is passed on to our customers as a result, it’s just what we have to do to ensure that the rings we make are truly the best that we can make them.

Receiving an engagement ring is all about being given a small box which holds far more promise than something larger ever could, and we believe that philosophy also applies to the jewellery business. We’ve stripped back all of the unnecessary stuff to leave a core of excellent design work, top-class craftsmanship and a commitment to the best in customer service so that you can be sure that what you’re paying for is what you get, with no unfair charges lumped on top.

For further information or to make an inquiry, contact our team on or 01-4422472 now!

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