Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Introduction to Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Fancy coloured diamonds are a captivating subset of these precious gemstones, renowned for their enchanting hues that range from vibrant and intense to subtle and delicate. Unlike their traditional white counterparts, fancy coloured diamonds derive their beauty from impurities, structural anomalies, and external factors during formation. This article explores some of the most sought-after fancy colour diamonds, including fancy yellow, brown, grey, pink, black, blue, and green, showcasing their unique characteristics and allure.

Fancy Yellow Diamonds

Fancy yellow diamonds are celebrated for their warm, radiant hue, making them one of the most popular fancy colours. The intensity of the yellow can range from a soft lemon to a vivid canary shade. The presence of nitrogen during the diamond’s formation contributes to its yellow coloration. Fancy yellow diamonds are coveted for their cheerful, sunny disposition and are often associated with luxury, positivity, and joy.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Range in intensity from soft lemon to vivid canary shades.
  • Prized for their warm and radiant hue.
  • The presence of nitrogen impurities gives them their yellow color.
  • Symbolize luxury, positivity, and joy.
  • Often chosen as center stones in engagement rings for their vibrant appeal.

Fancy Brown Diamonds

Fancy brown diamonds, also known as champagne or cognac diamonds, exhibit an enticing range of earthy and warm tones. Their brown hue is caused by structural irregularities, and their intensity can vary from light champagne to deep coffee shades. These diamonds exude a sense of elegance, sophistication, and natural beauty, often making them a unique choice for engagement rings or statement jewelry.

  • Exhibit an enticing range of earthy and warm tones.
  • Shades can vary from light champagne to deep coffee.
  • The brown coloration is caused by structural irregularities.
  • Evoke elegance, sophistication, and natural beauty.
  • Uniquely complement various skin tones and offer a distinctive alternative to traditional white diamonds.

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Fancy Grey Diamonds

Fancy grey diamonds possess a captivating and distinct charm. Ranging from soft silver-grey to darker charcoal tones, these diamonds are prized for their understated elegance and versatility. The grey coloration is influenced by hydrogen or boron impurities within the crystal lattice. Grey diamonds are often chosen for their contemporary appeal and the striking contrast they create when paired with other gemstones or white diamonds.

  • Possess a captivating and versatile range of grey hues.
  • Ranging from soft silver-grey to darker charcoal tones.
  • The presence of hydrogen or boron impurities influences their color.
  • Radiate understated elegance and contemporary appeal.
  • Offer a striking contrast when combined with other gemstones or white diamonds.

1.02ct Natural Grey Diamond Side Stone Ring SD012 commins (1)

Fancy Pink Diamonds

Fancy pink diamonds are among the most highly coveted and rarest coloured diamonds. Their captivating rosy hues range from delicate pastels to vibrant fuchsias. The pink coloration is caused by intense pressure and distortions within the diamond’s crystal structure. Pink diamonds evoke feelings of romance, femininity, and grace, making them a cherished choice for engagement rings and heirloom pieces.

  • Highly coveted and rare, with a range of delicate pastel to vibrant fuchsia hues.
  • The pink coloration results from intense pressure and structural distortions.
  • Symbolize romance, femininity, and grace.
  • Often chosen as the centerpiece for special occasion jewelry.
  • Command high prices due to their rarity and exceptional beauty.


Fancy Black Diamonds

Fancy black diamonds, also known as carbonados, possess a distinctive allure that sets them apart from other fancy colours. Renowned for their opaque, jet-black appearance, these diamonds offer a captivating sense of mystery and intrigue. Their dark coloration is a result of numerous dark inclusions and graphite within the diamond’s structure. Black diamonds are often favored for their dramatic impact in jewelry design, especially when combined with white diamonds or contrasting metals.

  • Renowned for their opaque, jet-black appearance.
  • Unique inclusions and graphite within their structure give them their dark color.
  • Evoke a sense of mystery, elegance, and drama.
  • Ideal for creating bold and striking jewelry pieces.
  • Offer a captivating contrast when combined with white diamonds or other gemstones.

0.65ct Natural Black Diamond Side Stone Ring SD091 (1)

Other Notable Fancy Coloured Diamonds:

  • Fancy Blue Diamonds: Revered for their rare and mesmerizing blue hues, ranging from pale sky blue to deep oceanic tones. Blue diamonds owe their color to the presence of boron during their formation.
  • Fancy Green Diamonds: Green diamonds exhibit a unique and enchanting green coloration, caused by exposure to natural radiation. Their shades can vary from delicate mint to rich, vivid green.


Fancy coloured diamonds represent a captivating world of natural beauty and diversity. Whether it’s the cheerful radiance of fancy yellow, the sophisticated allure of brown and grey, the romantic elegance of pink, or the enigmatic charm of black diamonds, each fancy colour possesses its own unique characteristics. Exploring the vast spectrum of fancy coloured diamonds allows us to appreciate the artistry of nature and find the perfect gemstone to express our individuality and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fancy coloured diamonds as valuable as white diamonds?

Fancy coloured diamonds can be equally, if not more, valuable than white diamonds. The value of a fancy coloured diamond depends on factors such as the intensity and rarity of the color, the size and quality of the stone, and market demand. In some cases, certain fancy colours, such as pink and blue, can command significantly higher prices due to their scarcity and desirability among collectors and connoisseurs.

Are fancy coloured diamonds natural or treated?

Fancy coloured diamonds occur naturally. The colors are a result of various natural factors, such as chemical impurities, structural anomalies, and environmental conditions, during the diamond’s formation deep within the Earth. While some diamonds undergo enhancement treatments to improve their color or clarity, the majority of fancy coloured diamonds on the market are natural and untreated.

How rare are fancy coloured diamonds compared to white diamonds?

Fancy coloured diamonds are significantly rarer than white diamonds. Only a small fraction of diamonds mined display noticeable and desirable colours. Among fancy colours, certain shades like red, blue, and pink are exceptionally rare, making up a minute percentage of the world’s diamond production. The rarity and limited supply contribute to the allure and higher value of fancy coloured diamonds.

Can fancy coloured diamonds be used for engagement rings?

Absolutely! Fancy coloured diamonds are increasingly popular choices for engagement rings. They offer a unique and personal touch, allowing individuals to express their individuality and style. Fancy colours like yellow, pink, and even black can make stunning and meaningful center stones, creating a distinctive and memorable engagement ring that stands out from the traditional white diamond options.

Do fancy coloured diamonds come with grading systems like white diamonds?

Yes, fancy coloured diamonds are graded using a different system than white diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) issues grading reports for fancy coloured diamonds, assessing factors such as hue, tone, saturation, and color distribution. The GIA uses descriptive terms and a color grading scale to evaluate the intensity and quality of the diamond’s color. These reports provide valuable information to buyers and help determine the value of fancy coloured diamonds.