Designing your own Engagement Ring

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Engagement Ring Design Sketches

A ring is a hard thing to pick out when it’s not for yourself, so if you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring for your partner but nothing seems to have popped out at you yet, we here at Commins & Co. are confident we can help you find something from our current selection of engagement rings, If you want something bespoke then we will be able to assist you in creating the perfect piece.
Follow our helpful tips below and be on your way to designing your own ring.

What to look out for:
• Be observant-keep a note on the kinds of colours they wear, their everyday jewellery, if they already wear a ring and the brands they like.
• If they are a Pinterest user do a bit of detective work and see the kind of styles they pin, save a photo and bring it in to us.
• Everybody loves to window shop, keep an eye on the kinds of pieces they point out while passing jewellery shops.
• When it comes to commissioned pieces they generally cost more, this doesn’t mean it will be outside your budget though.
• Things that will determine the cost of your piece is the detail of the design, diamond size and quality, and the metal you chose to use. We here at Commins & Co. can best advise you to keep within your budget.
• There is no need to break the bank.

What will suit your partner?:
• Visually what can you imagine your partner wearing, do they like statement pieces or something classic?
• What kind of lifestyle do they have? Someone who works with their hands a lot or has a very active lifestyle may need something that will cope well with a busy life.
• The kind of metal that will complement their skin tone and the size stone you think they would like.

• Here at Commins & Co. we include certificates for our stones from the three main certificate bodies (GIA, IGI and HRD). However going for a stone that is uncertified or certified from a lesser body may reduce price and be an option for you.
• Our stones are ethically sourced from Diamond mines in Australia, Canada and Russia.

Ring Sizing:
• This can be a tricky one. If you’re surprising your partner and they have a ring they usually wear you can bring it in and we can size it for you.
• If you are coming in together we can size them then and there.

We hope this helps!