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by Áine Commins on June 26, 2023

Maisie and Ryan: Love Blossoming in Coffee Shops

Nervous excitement filled the air as Maisie and Ryan connected on a popular dating app. Their first date took place in a cosy coffee shop, where their words flowed effortlessly and their connection blossomed into something beautiful.

The Proposal: A Surprise Amidst Nature’s Beauty

Having experienced the joys of nature together throughout their relationship, Ryan decided to propose in a picturesque outdoor setting that held a special place in their hearts. Surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Powerscourt Estate in Wicklow, Ireland, Maisie found herself enchanted by the beauty of the gardens and architecture.

As they strolled hand in hand through the vibrant gardens, their laughter and joy filled the air. In a moment that took Maisie completely by surprise, Ryan got down on one knee and presented her with a stunning engagement ring from Commins & Co. The ring, featuring a mesmerising pear-cut diamond solitaire set in white gold, symbolised their unique love and the journey they had embarked upon together.

The Wedding: A Castle of Dreams

Embracing history and romance, Maisie and Ryan decided on a castle or historic venue for their wedding ceremony. In the enchanting setting of Ballyfin Demesne in Laois, Ireland, they exchanged their vows surrounded by the warmth and love of their families and friends. Maisie’s mother proudly gave her away, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

The Rings: Timeless Elegance and Personalised Symbols

Maisie’s finger adorned a pear-cut solitaire engagement ring, crafted in white gold, representing the purity and uniqueness of their love. The shimmering diamond accents added a touch of sparkle and elegance, symbolising their journey together.

For their wedding bands, Maisie opted for a diamond-set wedding ring, accentuating the beauty of her engagement ring and adding an extra touch of brilliance. Ryan chose a plain palladium ring, symbolising simplicity, durability, and the enduring nature of their commitment.

Customer Pear Cut 18k Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring Cavan DR039
Maisie & Ryan’s Pear Cut 18k Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring Cavan DR039

Our emerald cut diamond engagement ring reflects the sophistication we admire in each other. Our wedding rings are timeless and unique, just like our love.”

Maisie & Ryan

The Choice: Modern Elegance and Personalization

Maisie and Ryan were drawn to Commins And Co for their modern and stylish engagement ring and wedding bands. The unique designs available allowed them to express their individuality and taste, while the exceptional craftsmanship and quality ensured their rings would stand the test of time. Commins And Co’s ability to customise the rings to create meaningful symbols of their love made them the perfect choice for Maisie and Ryan.

“Our journey has been filled with serendipitous moments, and the proposal amidst the stunning beauty of Powerscourt Estate was one we will cherish forever. With rings that symbolise our unique love story and the enduring commitment we share, we look forward to beginning this new chapter in our lives together.”

Maisie & Ryan

Pear Lab-grown Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring DR039

Customer Pear Cut 18k Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring Cavan DR039
Maisie & Ryan’s Pear Cut 18k Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring Cavan DR039
  • Stone: Lab-grown Diamond
    • Shape: Pear-shaped
    • Facets: Between 57 and 58 facets. Meticulously cut facets to maximize the diamond’s brilliance and radiance.
    • History: The pear-shaped diamond was created in the 1400s by Flemish polisher Lodewyk van Berquem, who invented the diamond polishing wheel.
  • Style: Solitaire Engagement Ring – A timeless and elegant style that showcases the beauty of the center stone.
  • Setting: Cathedral Setting – Features a raised pear-shaped center stone held in place by metal claws, allowing light to flow through and illuminate the diamond’s elegant shape.
  • Metal: 18k White Gold – Provides a timeless and sophisticated setting that beautifully showcases the unique brilliance of the pear-shaped diamond.

View Pear Lab-grown Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Wedding Rings

Customer Plain 18k White Gold Ladies Wedding Ring Carlow WR1018
Grace & Max’s Plain 18k White Gold Ladies Wedding Ring Carlow WR1018
Customer Plain Palladium Gents Wedding Ring Carlow GWR1002
Grace & Max’s Plain Palladium Gents Wedding Ring Carlow GWR1002

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