Custom made wedding rings At Commins And Co

Wedding rings are exceptionally personal items that symbolise your love and commitment to one another. Wedding rings come in all shapes and sizes. The way the ring is made often reflects aspects of your relationship. You would like this eternally immortalised in precious metal and diamond. We have an exceptional range of rings in-store to suit any couple and any occasion. In some cases you just can’t find exactly what you always imagined to take pride of place on your finger. Instead you need something a little bit different. That’s why, at Commins & Co, we specialise in custom made wedding rings at our expert design studio. We can guarantee that every single piece we make lives up to your exacting standards. Let’s take a look at how we do it.

Top-class design

We have decades of experience in ring design and creation of men’s and women’s wedding rings. We take each piece all the way from the drawing board to our in-house goldsmith’s foundry. We’ve made huge investments in the latest technology for wedding ring design. This includes top of the range software and manufacturing equipment. This ensures that we can bring leading-edge design and manufacturing capabilities to the table despite our small team. This means you get the best of both worlds. Firstly, an amazing wedding ring design that maintains the personalised service we’re famous for. And secondly, the strong connection between you and the artisans making your ring.

Our team have experience in making rings of every conceivable style and type. Based on an existing template or designed completely from scratch. This includes bi-colour rings, Celtic designs, and rings in a variety of metals such as palladium and platinum. We also have the ability to add any pattern or design to a ring. So there’s nothing we can’t achieve. All of this can be realised in every metal and type of gold. This ranges from 9 karat and 18 karat yellow to white and rose gold. We can also incorporate diamonds or other precious stones in combination with all of these elements.

Men’s rings

Gents wedding bands at Commins & Co jewellers, Dublin, Ireland.

Our Dublin jewellers is one of the premier sources of men’s wedding rings in all of Ireland. We’ve been producing custom made wedding rings for men for many years. Sometimes overlooked by other companies in favour of women’s designs, we have just as much choice for men as women. We specialise in unusual designs for men’s rings such as bi-colour. This is one of the most popular choices in the last few years. Bi-colour designs are an excellent way to incorporate more colour and subtle patterns into a ring without making it noticeably more showy or elaborate. By introducing the contrast of yellow and white gold, or rose gold and palladium, or any number of other combinations. You can create a unique and distinctive piece that still looks good with other accessories.

Another speciality that we have developed with our team is the ability to create a range of pattern and design rings. Allowing you to express your personality or your relationship in your ring. Whether you’re after something as subtle as a matte finish, a hammered effect or milgrain, or something a bit different such as a Celtic design or pattern, we can design and make your perfect ring from scratch. We can even create engravings inside the ring or add Ogham text to the outside of the ring. All with trace amounts of Irish gold to give your ring that extra special connection to your Celtic heritage.

Women’s rings

stacking diamond rings from Dublin Jewellers
Ladies bespoke designed wedding bands at Commins & Co jewellers, Dublin, Ireland.

Traditionally, women’s wedding rings vary in style, from the simplest of plain bands all the way to stackable diamond rings, but every single ring we make is customisable to your exact specifications. We can make changes to include anything from subtle curves that fit your finger perfectly all the way to engraved patterns and intricate details that make the ring totally yours. One of the most popular services we offer is the ability to match the style of your wedding ring to your existing engagement ring. It’s up to you to decide how that is achieved, whether your ring has a similar band and colour of gold to your engagement ring, or it incorporates patterns or design features from your engagement ring. We can even design rings to be deliberately contrasting. What we guarantee is that your wedding band will fit snugly next to your engagement ring on your finger, because we’ll design the wedding band to fit with your engagement ring’s existing shape and curves, so they won’t rub together or damage each other on your finger.

While traditional, simple bands are enduringly popular, we have the skills and technology to create custom rings in a number of styles. Whether you want a custom diamond set ring that incorporates a specific number or style of diamonds, or if you’re after a V-shaped or curved ring, we can discuss your exact needs to produce the ring of your dreams. We work in every type and style of gold, including yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, as well as platinum and palladium, and combinations of all these metals.

A piece designed for you

Whatever your heart’s desire for a wedding ring designed for you, our specialist team of jewellers in the heart of Dublin have the skills and technology to make your dreams come true. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you design your ideal ring, no matter how elaborate or complex your ideas are. Whether you’re after a plain band with a special engraving, or a distinctive men’s ring incorporating Celtic designs and two metals, it’s our job to bring your ideas to life.