Choosing Your Diamond Cut – Round, Princess, Radiant, Cushion or Marquise

Although round brilliant cut is by far the most popular diamond cut, there are a whole world of other fancy cut diamonds out there for you to choose from. These all will vary in shape, number of facets, how they reflect light and an number of other factors.

feature image of 1.22ct round brilliant diamond solitaire engagement ring dr043Round Brilliant Cut 

These are highly faceted & extremely sparkly diamonds. The round brilliant cut diamonds have 57-58 facets. It emits exceptional brilliance and is a classic choice for your engagement ring. The large pavilion facets provide great light reflection. These are a pretty choice for someone looking for a simple, yet stylish look.

Princess Cut

This is the most popular fancy cut of diamond. This is usually square shape with sides of equal length. When compared with round brilliant cuts, it is quite similar in fire and brilliance. However, these are usually cheaper than round cuts but they can have between 57 and 76 facets which adds to its light reflection capabilities.

SD049 Radiant cut side stone engagement ring featureRadiant Cut

This is sometimes referred to as a combination of emerald, princess and round cuts.  It is a rectangular shaped diamond. Like princess cuts, it has approximately 70 facets. It too has a high brilliance and it too is considered a brilliant cut of diamond, like the round. As a consequence, it also has a high fire and brilliance. It has a contemporary look and looks especially well when paired with a halo.

Cushion Cut 

This is, simply put, a softer version of the radiant cut. It is less angular and has softer corners.  However, this cut of diamond has less facets so it is recommended to choose a higher clarity on the scale than would be necessary for the previous cuts as inclusions would be more visible. These are also classified under brilliant cuts so the brilliance is still high. Cushion cuts tend to allude more to a vintage feel, a contrast to a radiant cut.

HD088 feature image of marquise cut diamond halo engagement ringMarquise Cut

This is a highly unusual cut of diamond and really stands out. It is referred to as the eye-shaped or football-shaped diamond, but is simply an elliptical shape with pointed ends. This shape is often credited to making the finger appear narrower and is a truly unique shape. It has about 58 facets so it will sparkle and shine for the lifetime of the ring.


Other unique shapes you can choose from are emerald, pear, heart-shaped or oval, and all are available from our store in the Powerscourt Townhouse.