Choosing Platinum for your Engagement Ring

Why Choose Platinum for your Engagement Ring?

MZ018 feature image of vintage inspired round cut moissanite engagement ring Dublin Ireland jewellers Commins and CoWhen choosing your diamond engagement ring, a key consideration is the metal of your band. Usually the choice is between 18k white, yellow or rose gold or Platinum.  This decision is all down to personal preference & how much wear and tear the ring will be exposed to. This week’s blog is all about Platinum and the reasons why it is a great choice.

Durability of Platinum

Although Platinum is the more expensive option, the extra investment has long term benefits ensuring your ring will stand the test of time. Initially, platinum and white gold look very similar but they age very differently. Over time, platinum loses its sparkle and dulls to have a slight grey hue. However, it is relatively straightforward to renew this shine ~ by giving it to a goldsmith annually (approx) for a polish, your ring will be like new! Platinum is a very durable metal and is therefore easily maintained. You can also keep up the ring’s shine at home with just a simple wash with soap and warm water. However, this should be done in conjunction with the professional treatment, not instead of it. Platinum is also more resistant to scratches and keeps your diamonds very secure due to the strength of the metal.

Colour of Platinum

HD024 Halo Diamond Engagement Dublin featureIf you are looking for maximum shine, platinum is not the way to go. White gold is the brighter metal but the outer colour will fade away to reveal the yellow gold underneath. However, the colour of platinum does not fade away as the metal is more pure, instead, the colour remains but it does dull slightly. The purity of platinum is high – 95% platinum and 5% other metals.  Another benefit of platinum is how rare it is. Platinum is about 30 times more rare than gold which makes your engagement ring even more unique!

Is Platinum the Metal for You?

feature image of platinum solitaire diamond engagement ring dr057Platinum is the more expensive option but as you can see, with this extra investment comes additional benefits. Platinum is also a symbol of strength and everlasting love! What’s not to love about that? All of our rings can be made in the metal of your choice so do consider all options before coming to a final decision.