Buying Ladies’ Wedding Bands – Need to Know

A mistake that many couples make coming up to their big day is leaving choosing their wedding rings until the last minute. Buying the engagement ring was a process, research was put in, time was invested in it but when it comes to getting the wedding rings, often times, much less attention is given to it. However, this ring will be worn for a lifetime too so it definitely warrants some previous research!

Buying Wedding Bands

The first consideration is whether you want your wedding ring to match your engagement ring or complement it. You have to consider if you want a plain band or a diamond encrusted band. We can make any of our styles in the metal of your choice (usually to match the engagement ring) such as 18k white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum.  There are instances where you may need to get a shaped wedding band if your engagement ring doesn’t allow for a wedding band to sit flush against it.

Styles of Ladies’ Diamond Wedding Bands

If your engagement ring’s band already has diamonds, most people will have their wedding ring made to match exactly. However if your engagement ring’s band doesn’t have diamonds and you wish to have a diamond encrusted wedding band, there are three main styles to choose from:

  1. Pave Set- this is when the diamonds are set very close together and gives the illusion of a continuous diamond surface
  2. Channel Set- this is when the diamonds are held in by a narrow ‘channel’ of metal which partially covers each side.
  3. Claw Set- this is when diamonds are most exposed as they are only held in by four claws across the band.

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Band

  • If you’re matching it with a multi-stone engagement ring, it would be recommended to go for something subtle. This style of engagement ring is already quite prominent so as to not compete with that, a plain wedding band or a slim, pave set ring may be the way to go.
  • When it comes to halos most of the time, the bands of these rings are already diamond set so it is a very simple match. All that needs to be done is match the wedding band with the engagement rings band in terms of depth, width and diamond cut.
  • For a simple solitaire it is the easiest match in that, there is no set match. Nearly all wedding band styles look good with it so it’s just a matter of which one you prefer.
  • Lastly, side stone rings are also relatively straightforward as most people will again just match it with their engagement ring,

So, pop into us here in the Powerscourt Townhouse to view our full range of wedding bands.