White Gold Vs Platinum for your Engagement Ring

When deciding what metal to pick for your engagement ring there are a few very important aspects to factor into your decision, after all you will be wearing it for quite a long time.
The two most popular metal choices are 18 karat white gold and platinum. Though these two metals both look similar in the shop window when we take a closer look they have very different characteristics and qualities.

Weight: Platinum weighs more than 18k white gold, meaning platinum can feel heavier to wear on your finger, whereas 18k white gold is slightly lighter. As you will most lightly be wearing your engagement ring every day this should be considered. For this reason many people prefer 18k white gold as they find it more comfortable to wear on a daily basis especially when you add in a wedding band too.

Price: As platinum is heavier than 18k white gold, in any given design platinum will in turn cost more as you will need more material. SD069 vintage inspired leaf style diamond engagement ring feature

Colour: 18k white gold is naturally a warm white colour and so is rhodium plated to achieve a high white finish. This rhodium plating is perfect for complimenting your diamonds and gives your engagement ring a clean bright white look. Overtime the rhodium plating can wear away on the band, this is quite normal and can be easily re-plated. We generally recommend to get your engagement ring re-rhodium plated every 12 – 18 months depending on wear.
Platinum initially has a bright white/grey colour and dulls to a darker grey over time and wear which can affect the look of your diamonds. Though platinum can be re-polished to bring back the brighter tone, every time you polish it you are polishing some of the platinum away. This can be seen in antique or worn rings where the bands have thinned due to polishing over the years.

Durability: An 18k white gold ring when plated with rhodium is quite a durable surface, this hard plating adds another layer of protection and helps shield the ring against deep scratches and scuffs. Platinum is commonly referred to as a stronger metal than 18k white gold but as it is also a softer metal it actually scratches more easily and may need more regular polishing.

As you can see there are many factors to consider when choosing the type of metal for your engagement ring. At Commins & Co, the majority of our rings can be re-made in the metal of your choice- 18k white, rose or yellow gold or Platinum.

For further information on platinum please see here.