Wedding Rings – Make It An Enjoyable Experience

Well firstly I believe a congratulations is in order for reaching the point of wedding ring shopping. Often seen as a rather tedious task the family at Commins & Co like to make the process of looking to purchasing His & Hers wedding rings as smooth and effortless as possible.


Women Wedding Rings: 


It may seem surprising but rather than her partner it tends to be easier for a woman to pick out her wedding band. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, for the vast majority of engagement rings there tends to be a matching wedding ring. Secondly, most women have either thought of their ideal wedding band or even popped in with a friend beforehand to try them on.


In the modern era tradition is not necessarily as important to an individual as it once was. Traditionally a women would match the metals of her engagement ring and wedding ring and although most women still do there are a percentage of women who are breaking away and mixing metals. An example of this is when a women mixes an 18k white gold wedding band with her 18k yellow gold engagement ring which I believe to be a rather lovely contrast.


Diamonds on the band – Yes 0r No? Every 2/3 women who come in to the store will purchase a wedding ring with diamonds on the band. The reason for this being? Well simply put diamonds are a girl’s best friend and you can never have enough! The three most common styles are Scallop, Pave & Channel set wedding bands. Traditionally if your engagement ring is Pave set then you’ll purchase a Pave set wedding ring.

Still not found what you are looking for yet? Don’t worry because our in house designer who has over thirty years’ experience in the field can guide you in the right direction. Whether it is a unique design you have come up with or maybe you want the diamonds on your wedding ring to match up with the ones on your engagement ring. Our designer can make those little tweaks your heart desires to create the perfect matching wedding ring.

Men Wedding Rings:


As mentioned before the process for the guy can take a little longer. In my experience this is because men in general don’t tend to wear jewellery. Yes a man will buy and wear a watch but you will rarely see a guy wearing a ring. So when they first come in to the store and try on gents wedding rings for the first time it tends to feel alien. But don’t worry because although it may feel strange to wear a wedding ring at the start, given time you won’t even notice it on your finger.

Tradition dictates that a man must match his wedding ring with his partners but as I said earlier tradition is not viewed in the same light as it once was. And this could not be more apparent than with men purchasing wedding rings. With so many different styles and variations on offer to guys nowadays the choice is endless. There is also the option of personalizing your ring whether choosing a pattern to go through the band or the possibility of having your ring engraved with something meaningful.

GWR011 matte finish gents ring

If you wanted my advice I would say come in to the store open minded. Yes sometimes it can become over whelming when there are a wide range of options put in front of you but when broken down there are three factors to take into account.


  1. The metal you choose (Platinum, Gold, Palladium & Titanium).
  2. The Court you choose (Classic, Flat, Modern, Etc.…).
  3. The Style/Pattern (whether to keep it plain or add something different to your ring).

Palladium and rose gold bi colour ring GWR3006

Wedding ring chopping can be an enjoyable experience for every couple. The main thing to remember is whether you know what you want or are starting with a blank canvas have an open mind and let the family at Commins & Co look after everything else.