History of Eternity Rings

We all know eternity rings as wedding rings with diamonds but do we really know anything about them. Why we wear them or even how we wear them? The below looks into the eternity ring, how its worn and where the tradition came from.

Eternity Rings

The Eternity Rings or Infinity Rings as it is sometimes known, is generally given by the man to celebrate their “eternal”  love for one another. The Eternity ring is considered to be the contemporary way to symbolize the everlasting love shared between two people traditionally at anniversaries. Other occasions include Christmas, Birthdays, Marriage and Engagements. In Ireland, it is generally work on the engagement ring finger and worn after the engagement ring (wedding ring, then engagement ring then eternity ring). May couples also refer to the eternity ring as the ring they get either after 1 year of marriage or after the birth of their first child. This idea of the eternity ring has long since been around, since Egyptian times.



If we go back to around 2000 years ago, the Egyptians believed that the bond of marriage between male and female was so powerful that not even death could not interfere. The eternity ring was used as a symbolic way to represent the union between two people. Back then, the ring was not necessarily used to mark a specific occasion, but used them simply as a symbol of both eternal love and life. They were made of a rather ordinary circle of metal and were designed in the style of a serpent devouring its own tail which commonly symbolized eternity referred to as the Ouroboros. Instead of a snake eating itself, we added diamonds!




Modern day Eternity Ring
Diamonds are the most popular gemstones for eternity rings, along with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other stones are also quite popular, usually in second place to diamonds. Although the full eternity is traditional, it is not very common to see in a jewellers. The main reason for this is that many of these rings are custom made as changing or amending the finger size can be difficult if there are diamonds the whole way around a ring. Many women like eternity rings covered 50%rather than 100%. This allows for resizing of the ring and it also allows the ring be more durable.

We can also custom make any ring to your style and budget too.