Finding the Ring Size

Congratulations if you’re one of the brave souls who has decided to go it alone and find your partner’s ring yourself. A little down the line a jeweller will ask you a question that you may not know the answer to. The question being: ‘what is their ring size’?

MZ002 Yellow Gold Moissanite Ring 1Usually, you have 2 options here. You can leave the engagement ring in a general size and re-size post-proposal. Or you can find out the ring size yourself. Choosing to keep it in a general size may lead to some disappointment if the ring doesn’t fit.

There are many different methods to approach working out the ring size of your partner. It should be noted that these are not 100% accurate methods but they do give an excellent indication.

1. Take One Of Their Rings

If your partner is already a ring wearer, the obvious and easiest solution is to make a ring in that size. However, this is rarely that simple. It is often the case that the rings are not worn on the ring finger. Although a ring from another finger can be an indicator of overall hand-size, it will not be conclusive in determining the ring size. If you are one of the lucky ones with a ring from a ring finger, just bring that ring into us and we can measure it up! This may not be an option if she wears it daily. You should try making an impression of the ring into a bar of soap. As a last resort, you could draw the outline and we will do our best!

2. Measure Her Finger

So this one could go very wrong but it can be very effective. If your partner is a deep sleeper, a great option is to tie a string around the finger for a relatively accurate measurement. But make sure they are very much asleep first as if they wake up mid-way, some questions would most definitely be asked!


3. Measure Her Ring On You

So, again if you’re lucky enough to be proposing to a ring wearer, another way to measure that is slightly less risky is by putting the ring on your own ring finger. Just remember to mark how far it goes down. Again, this reading isn’t always going to be entirely accurate. This is because knuckle size will vary etc. but it is a good indicator.

4. Get the Family Involved

If these methods so far aren’t for you, another strategy is to ask her family. You may be lucky and someone will know their size from past experience or have at least an idea. If not, you could convince a relative to casually take your partner ring shopping ‘just for fun’ and have them measured then. This will result in a much more accurate measurement. However, if this idea seems completely out of character for your partner, there is a risk of them catching on to what is happening. As a result, the element of surprise could potentially be lost.


If none of these methods are suiting you, sometimes the best option is to relax. You can go with the size it comes in and come back for a re-size. If it is a case that you’re going for a bespoke piece, you can have it made in a more average size. With Commins & Co, the first re-size is free so there is no need to worry!