Blog Spot Weekly: The Irish Coin Collection

Hello everybody!

PN103 three pence irish coin pendant necklace dublin ireland jewellers commins and coThis is the first of many blog spot weekly additions to follow were we briefly discuss a particular trend and what is so fabulous about it!

Today, we are going to introduce our new Irish inspired Coin Collection. Inspired by our Irish heritage, the coin collection is quirky if not individual and combines all things vintage with elements of modern bespoke design.

The piece on show in the image was designed and created in our Dublin based workshop. It was made in sterling silver with gold plating and is accompanied by a 9k solid gold chain. What we love most about this collection is its versatility. Meaning we can design these coins in any metal type the heart desires with any coin type which may hold sentiment.

For more information on this collection please click on the link below or contact our amazing team!

Irish Coin Collection: