A Guide to Diamond Colour

Many people often overlook the diamond’s colour as they perceive it as the easiest of the four C’s to understand. However this couldn’t be further from the truth and one of the most important parts of your engagement ring. The colour you perceive will be dependent on a number of different factors. For this reason, some people can mistakenly pay more than they need to for a certain colour.

Diamonds come in all shapes and colours. With the classic diamond grading system, colour actually refers to the lack of colour. The best possible colour grade you can get for a diamond is D – this is completely colourless. The grading system goes all the way down to Z. As the grade goes down a slight amount of colour becomes present in the diamond. As the colour presence is so slight you would need a trained gemologist to show the difference between a D, E or F.


There are many people that like the slight yellow colour that comes into the stone as it goes down in the grading system. There are even people who go for fancy intense yellow diamonds, it’s all down to preference. The reason for most people spending extra and going for colourless diamonds is because there are many small factors that determine a diamonds sparkle. As light can travel and reflect through colourless diamonds much better then those with colour present it will ultimately have a better sparkle.


Diamonds in the grade band D-F are going to priced highest as they near or completely colourless.

Grade band G-I diamonds are near colourless. The colour can be completely undetectable to the untrained eye. These stones are often a better deal for your budget.

From grade J onward,  you will get a hint of yellow coming through the stone. It comes down to whether you like the colour or not.


Feel free to contact us to talk in more detail about the perfect diamond for you or take a look at another one of our articles which goes into diamond colour and other characteristics in more detail.

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