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We ensure everything we sell is ethically sourced

Our jewellery is made exclusively in Ireland

We hand craft every piece of fine jewellery

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Sustainability in Everything we do

100% recycled gold, lab grown diamonds and gemstones, truly local with our ring workshop just 10 minutes walk away!
We also plant 4 trees in sub-Saharan Africa for every ring we sell!

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Irish through and through

Ethically Sourced and Sustainability at our core

At Commins & Co Jewellers, our focus is on you, our customer. Our expertise and industry knowledge will help you find your perfect diamond ring. We operate from our relaxed and pressure-free Dublin City centre jewellers. We have a wide selection of engagement rings both online and in store to view. However, if you can’t find your perfect ring, we also offer a bespoke-designing service. This is where you can bring your dream ring to life. With our large network of diamond dealers located in the heart of Dublin, we can source your ideal stone in just a few days. You can be assured of the highest quality of ring. All of our engagement rings are designed and manufactured by us.

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Our Story

The craft behind our handmade pieces

Behind Our Process

A Word from the Owner

Aine Commins - owner of Dublin jewellers in Ireland

As the owner of Commins and Co, I’m delighted to welcome you to our world of exquisite engagement rings. We’re proud to be a leading destination for engagement rings in Dublin and throughout Ireland. Our collection is a testament to craftsmanship and timeless style, featuring a wide range of diamond engagement rings that cater to all tastes and budgets.

Áine Commins
Aine Commins - owner of Dublin jewellers in Ireland

It has been a personal mission to source the most sustainable and ethical options from suppliers I can trust. Our recycled gold, responsibly sourced natural diamonds and gemstones as well as our lab grown diamonds and gemstones ensure you can choose your rings knowing they have had a minimal effect on the planet. Any negative effect will be offset by our commitment to plant 4 trees for every ring we sell!

Áine Commins
Bonnie and Arlo

Bonnie & Arlo from Dublin

In the bustling world of a technology startup in Dublin, two souls found each other amidst the whirlwind of innovation and ambition. Bonnie and Arlo’s eyes met, and a spark ignited, leading to a deep friendship that eventually blossomed into a profound love. Late nights filled with conversations, shared dreams, and mutual support laid the foundation for a journey that intertwined their personal and professional lives. Read Their Story
Emma and Alexander

Emma & Alexander from Belfast

In a foreign city during their solo travels, Emma and Alexander found themselves guided by fate to cross paths. As they explored the unknown and embraced the adventure, their souls resonated, and the sparks of a chance encounter ignited a flame of love that would forever change their lives. Read Their Story
Evie and Ollie

Evie & Ollie from Cork

In a vibrant painting workshop, Evie and Ollie found themselves surrounded by an explosion of colours and a shared passion for art. With each brushstroke and heartfelt conversation, their souls intertwined and painted a beautiful picture of a budding romance. Read Their Story
Clodagh and David

Clodagh & David from Down

In a vibrant painting workshop, Evie and Ollie found themselves surrounded by an explosion of colours and a shared passion for art. With each brushstroke and heartfelt conversation, their souls intertwined and painted a beautiful picture of a budding romance. Read Their Story
Adam and Ryan

Adam & Ryan from Galway

In the digital realm, where hearts intertwined across virtual landscapes, Adam and Ryan found solace and excitement as they connected through an online dating app. Their souls resonated, and their conversations sparked a flame that couldn’t be contained. Eager to explore the potential of their connection, they set up their first date at a trendy restaurant in their hometown of Galway. Laughter filled the air, and the chemistry between them was undeniable. Read Their Story
Lucy and Darragh

Lucy & Darragh from Derry

Lucy and Darragh’s love story began in the realm of law, where their paths crossed while working at a prestigious law firm. Amidst legal briefings and late nights, their connection transcended the boundaries of the workplace. Stolen glances and shared moments sparked a flame that would ignite their hearts, intertwining their personal and professional lives. Read Their Story
Aoibhín and Freddie

Aoibhín & Freddie from Kildare

Aoibhín and Freddie’s love story blossomed amidst the hallowed halls of academia, where they found themselves studying together in the same university program. What started as a chance encounter soon grew into a deep friendship that surpassed the boundaries of ordinary companionship. Their shared interests, mutual support, and genuine connection laid the foundation for a love story that would stand the test of time. Read Their Story
Laura and Leo

Laura & Leo from Meath

Laura and Leo’s love story began through mutual friends. They were initially shy around each other, but there was an undeniable connection that sparked their curiosity. Encouraged by their friends, they decided to hang out one-on-one and soon discovered a shared love for laughter, adventure, and meaningful conversations. Their relationship blossomed as they dated in the charming town of Navan in County Meath, their shared hometown. Read Their Story
Phoebe and Seán

Phoebe & Seán from Limerick

Phoebe and Seán’s love story unfolded amidst the serene atmosphere of a spiritual retreat organised by their shared religious community. As they embarked on a journey of prayers and contemplation, their souls resonated with a deep connection that went beyond their shared faith. In the tranquil surroundings, love blossomed, intertwining their spiritual and romantic paths. Read Their Story
Sophia and Darragh

Sophia & Darragh from Armagh

Amidst the tantalising aroma of food, Sophia and Darragh’s paths intertwined in a cooking class during a vibrant food festival. Laughter filled the air as they embarked on culinary adventures, and in each other’s company, they discovered solace and a deep connection. Read Their Story
Mila and Lucas

Mila & Lucas from Tyrone

Mila and Lucas’s love story blossomed within the walls of a local animal shelter, where their shared compassion for animals brought them together. Volunteering their time, they found solace amidst wagging tails and gentle purrs. As they cared for the voiceless creatures, their hearts gravitated towards each other, forging a bond rooted in empathy and unconditional love. Read Their Story
Isla and Oliver

Isla & Oliver from Tipperary

Isla and Oliver’s love story began with a touch of destiny. Their paths converged when a mutual friend introduced them at a captivating dinner party. Instantly, a spark ignited between them, and they felt a profound connection that stirred their hearts. In that magical moment, they both knew they had found a love worth cherishing. Read Their Story
Hannah and Daniel

Hannah & Daniel from Donegal

In the vibrant town of Letterkenny, County Donegal, two hearts collided amidst laughter and joy. Hannah and Daniel’s paths intertwined at a lively birthday party, where a mutual friend introduced them. From the moment their eyes met, their hearts skipped a beat, and the sparks of their connection illuminated the celebration. They embarked on a journey of love, filled with shared laughter, endless conversations, and an unwavering sense of companionship. Read Their Story
Alannah & Tadhg

Alannah & Tadhg from Wexford

Alannah and Tadhg’s love story began as their hearts aligned in the spirit of service. They met while volunteering together for a community service project in Wexford. Side by side, they dedicated themselves to making a positive difference in the world, and their shared values and compassion blossomed into a deep and meaningful love. Read Their Story
Wedding Story - Elsie and Ollie, Kerry

Elsie & Ollie from Kerry

Elsie and Ollie’s love story began in an unlikely setting—an exhilarating business conference that ignited their passions and ambitions. As they exchanged ideas and found inspiration in each other’s presence, their connection transcended the professional realm, blooming into a deep and profound love that intertwined their personal and career aspirations. Hailing from the enchanting town of Tralee in County Kerry, they embarked on a journey together, hand in hand, ready to embrace the wonders that life had in store. Read Their Story
Mia and Cara

Mia & Cara from Wicklow

In the picturesque county of Wicklow, nestled in the charming town of Bray, Mia and Cara’s love story unfolded. They met through mutual friends, instantly forming a deep connection that blossomed into a beautiful romance. From the moment they started dating, their bond grew stronger with each passing day, evolving from best friends to soulmates. Read Their Story
Cara and Mason

Cara & Mason from Louth

Cara and Mason, both hailing from the charming town of Dundalk in County Louth, had a serendipitous encounter that set the stage for their beautiful love story. It all began with a chance meeting on Bumble, where sparks flew and a connection blossomed. From that moment forward, Cara and Mason knew they had something special. Read Their Story
Ellie and Cody

Ellie & Cody from Mayo

In the enchanting town of Castlebar, Mayo, Ellie and Cody’s love story unfolded amidst the warmth of family gatherings. Introduced by their respective families, they were immediately captivated by the laughter and love that enveloped them. As they spent more time together, their connection grew stronger, intertwining their lives through the bonds of kinship and affection. Read Their Story
Saoirse and Fionn

Saoirse & Fionn from Clare

In the anticipation of their favourite band’s performance at a music festival, Saoirse and Fionn found themselves waiting in line. As the rhythmic beats and melodies filled the air, their hearts aligned, and their love story began to unfold. Read Their Story
Maya and Muhammad

Maya & Muhammad from Waterford

Maya and Muhammad’s love story began on a joyous evening in Waterford, where they found themselves celebrating the wedding of a mutual friend. As the music played and the dance floor beckoned, their souls intertwined in a serendipitous encounter that would shape their future. Read Their Story
Daisy and Adam

Daisy & Adam from Kilkenny

In the world of numbers and equations, Daisy and Adam discovered not only the beauty of mathematics but also the enchantment of love. Their eyes met during a study group session for their advanced mathematics course, and from that moment, they found themselves equally captivated by formulas and each other. Their love story began to unfold, intertwining their passion for numbers with the blossoming of a deep and profound connection. Read Their Story
Sadhbh and Michael

Sadhbh & Michael from Westmeath

Sadhbh and Michael’s love story unfolded amidst the electrifying energy of a local music concert in Athlone. Their hearts beat in sync to the rhythm of their favourite band, and amidst the sea of fans, a connection sparked. United by their shared passion for music, their love bloomed and continued to flourish with each passing day. Read Their Story
Molly and Liam

Molly & Liam from Laois

Molly and Liam’s paths crossed within the bustling halls of a marketing agency, where their professional lives intertwined. Their shared workplace witnessed stolen glances and subtle gestures that ignited a flame of passion, blurring the lines between work and romance. As their connection deepened, they discovered a world where love and ambition could coexist harmoniously. Read Their Story
Aoife and Noah

Aoife & Noah from Offaly

In the vibrant county of Offaly, amidst the town of Tullamore, Aoife and Noah’s love story began to unfold within the hallowed halls of a college lecture hall. As the echoes of knowledge filled the air, their eyes met, sparking a connection that would transcend the boundaries of academia. From shared notes to heartfelt conversations, their intellectual bond deepened, evolving into a love that expanded far beyond the realm of books and studies. Read Their Story
Maisie and Ryan

Maisie & Ryan from Cavan

Nervous excitement filled the air as Maisie and Ryan connected on a popular dating app. Their first date took place in a cosy coffee shop, where their words flowed effortlessly and their connection blossomed into something beautiful. Read Their Story
Lauren and Cian

Lauren & Cian from Roscommon

In the vibrant setting of a campus club meeting in their home county of Roscommon, Lauren and Cian’s shared passion for photography ignited a spark between them. They bonded over their love for capturing meaningful moments and finding inspiration in the world around them. As they embarked on numerous artistic endeavours together, their connection deepened, paving the way for a beautiful love story to unfold. Read Their Story
Emily and Kayden

Emily & Kayden from Sligo

Emily and Kayden’s love story was written in the stars, as their families had arranged their marriage from their childhood days in the picturesque county of Sligo. What began as innocent playdates blossomed into a lifelong companionship, rooted in a deep bond that stood the test of time. Their journey was a testament to the power of destiny and the enduring nature of true love. Read Their Story
Robyn and Aaron

Robyn & Aaron from Monaghan

In the charming county of Monaghan, amidst the rolling green hills and picturesque landscapes, Robyn and Aaron’s love story unfolded in the digital realm. It was through a popular online dating app that their paths converged, sparking a connection that would blossom into something beautiful. Their first date, a picturesque picnic in the park, set the stage for a promising future filled with laughter, connection, and endless possibilities. Read Their Story
Kate and Danny

Kate & Danny from Fermanagh

In the charming town of Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, fate brought together Kate and Danny through the intervention of a close friend. As cupid played its role during a social gathering, their smiles and shared interests ignited a spark, laying the foundation for a beautiful love story that would unfold in the years to come. Read Their Story
Grace and Max

Grace & Max from Carlow

In the midst of nature’s breathtaking beauty, Grace and Max found each other on a group hiking trip. Their shared love for hiking brought them together, and amidst the rugged trails, their footsteps synced in perfect harmony, paving the way for a deep and meaningful connection. Read Their Story
Saoirse and Luca

Saoirse & Luca from Longford

Saoirse and Luca’s love story began amidst the backdrop of their shared adventurous spirits. As they embarked on a backpacking journey through Europe, their paths converged, and their souls entwined. From breathtaking landscapes to daring escapades, they created a tapestry of shared adventures and cherished memories, forging a bond that would withstand the test of time. Read Their Story
Hannah and Leo

Hannah & Leo from Leitrim

Hannah and Leo’s love story was born from the sensuous rhythms of salsa dancing. It was on a vibrant dance floor where their bodies moved in synchrony, mirroring the harmony of their hearts. The enchantment of the dance twirled them into a world of shared passion and unspoken connection. Read Their Story
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